Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Laws of Simplicity

The subject book by John Maeda is a little book about a subject that is very important at the start of the 21st century. More about the subject can be found at www.LawsOfSimplicity.com.

The ten laws are:
  1. Reduce - The simplest way to simplify
  2. Organize - Makes more appear as less
  3. Time - Saving time feels simpler
  4. Learn - Knowledge simplifies all things
  5. Differences - Simplicity and Complexity need each other (Wave function)
  6. Context - What is peripheral is important
  7. Emotion - More is better
  8. Trust - You must trust the simplification
  9. Failure - As in learning that it can't all be simpler
  10. The One - Subtract the Obvious, add the Meaningful.
There are also three actions to be used to achieve these laws:

SHE: Shrink, Hide, Embody
BRAIN: Basics, Repeat, Avoid, Inspire, Never
SLIP: Sort, Label, Prioritize

The example of the Apple iPod is used very frequently throughout the book, and as a fairly recent convert to the "Apple Kool-aide", I agree that it is an excellent object lesson in the miracle of simplicity in the modern world. I need to get a Blog out on the Apple Experience here very soon, and when I do, I hope to link it.

The copy of this book that I read was borrowed from the company library, but my own copy is on order to be marked up, further understood and probably re-blogged.

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