Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Perjury Scam

As part of the concealed carry class I was exposed to how important it is to not talk to the police, especially when you have just been in a stressful situation like involved in using your gun in self-defense. The Police are NOT your "friends" in that situation--they are "gathering evidence", and part of their job is "convictions". They are drilled to "gather evidence" and let the courts sort it out. That is why a good attorney is so important-they are the ones that select from the evidence what it is that is going to "make the case" that shows that you are innocent (your attorney) or guilty (the prosecution). Most people are confused that what we have is a "justice system" ... we don't, we have a LEGAL system. Good and bad lawyers, jury bias, and how you behave in the "creation of evidence" makes a BIG difference if you have brush with the law.

If it comes to trial, the state is ONLY concerned about a conviction, they could care less about "justice". In order to get you convicted, one of the big dangers is perjury. You may remember shooting once but have shot twice or even more -- under great stress, people don't count very well (sometimes they don't even NOT under great stress). You may "remember distinctly", but be wrong. Your time-sense will certainly be in "slow motion" -- a few seconds may see like a minute, and you could easily show up as having stated a different time span than multiple witnesses, which could expose you to a perjury charge that is enough to put you in jail all on its own, but maybe even worse (depending on the charge), it certainly makes you look to not be credible. There is NO BENEFIT to talking to anyone other than your attorney.

We get the false idea that perjury isn't a big deal, because Clinton was obviously guilty of it and got off -- BUT, we fail (and the medial helps us to fail) to understand recent high profile cases where perjury was the only case that counted.

For Martha Stewart,there was no proof of insider trading, BUT, they "proved" (compared her word to two others) that she stated something wrong, so they "got her anyway"-and then of course proceed to call it "insider trading", even though it was perjury, not insider trading. When the left wants you, they have figured out how to use perjury to get you, and then claim "you are guilty" (they just switch the "of what"). "Martha Stewart was guilty"-- people don't even really care "of what". Being rich, trying to make everything too perfect, not being "common enough", whatever. The point is "they got her", in a certain world, that is all that counts.

Same deal with Scooter Libby - they "got a conviction", so it allowed them to talk about the Plame affair as if it had some legitimacy, even though the charge that stuck was the perjury charge that they completely ignored with Clinton. By putting inconsistency in their corner and having virtually total control of the legal system, they can pretty much prosecute anyone at will as long as two of them will agree on a story. (has to go all the way to the Supreme Court to have a chance of circumventing them, and no doubt they will remedy that in short order once they get the White House).

The scam is pretty simple - make some accusation that fits their biases, use a Grand Jury, which with proper management anyone knows, can "indict a ham sandwich", then have two folks involved in the Grand Jury indicate that the "target" differed with "the facts" (or at least what two other people will swear are "the facts") on some point. Case closed on a perjury charge. Given the control of the mass media, they simply state "guilty", reiterate the original charges of the case, and let the sheep make the connection, no need to mention perjury is what they actually got a conviction on.

It is really a pretty sweet deal, and in this Easter season one can maybe better understand why they see Clinton as such a great man. He is sort of the "lefty christ". He showed that the wages of perjury don't apply to a Democrat of sufficient stature and adherence to the Democrat sacraments ( abortion, environmentalism, lying). He used his position to get the sex he wanted, lied about it, and even though perjury continues to be used constantly to get people on the right, he lives on in public life. Sort of a "risen lefty".

You know, now that I think of it, maybe he IS the Anti-Christ? I wonder if there is anything in Revelation that could be construed to be a man married to the first woman ruler of the earthly superpower?

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