Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Racism of BO

So did Obama manage to turn his racist church into "old news" today? The MSM will certainly try to help him all they can.

"I can no more disown [Jeremiah Wright] than I can my white grandmother – a woman who helped raise me, a woman who sacrificed again and again for me, a woman who loves me as much as she loves anything in this world, but a woman who once confessed her fear of black men who passed by her on the street, and who on more than one occasion has uttered racial or ethnic stereotypes that made me cringe."
So I suppose when you are a deity like BO, you DO pick your Grandmother just like your church / pastor, but he may have to explain that to some of us just a bit more before we get it.

Nice little video, be interesting to see if YouTube pulls it like they have been pulling quite a bit of stuff critical of the Hope Pope.

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  1. Anonymous8:11 PM

    amazing, both videos ARE gone!