Thursday, March 06, 2008

Too Liberal for Standard Rules

Interesting Powerline Post on Al Franken being "wanted in NY" for a $25K fine for not providing unemployment insurance to his employees. I was surprised to see that Paul Wellstone also had not insured his employees and after his death the state had to kick in to help on a settlement.

I don't expect either Franken or Wellstone to be perfect, only that the MSM would make some attempt to treat them as the less than perfect humans that they are. The fact that they tend to agree more with the political views of those in the media ought to not exempt them from criticism from the media, least of all when their failures are in areas specifically related to the "State as Church" faith they and the media espouse.

How can one claim to be "the champion of the little guy" yet not provide the basic benefits to your employees that you DEMAND are provided by "the evil corporations"? The only answer that makes sense to me is to fall back on "consistency isn't an issue". Once you take that step into liberalism, all bets are off-you do what feels right at the moment, and do whatever feels right at the next moment. You have slipped the surly bonds of consistency.

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