Sunday, July 05, 2009

Moon Orbiter

U.S. Shoots for the Moon, This Time to Stay - TIME

Good article, having a booster crash land and flying another satellite through the plume to look for water is an interesting approach! Be cool to finally be able to see the landers sitting on the moon. Let's see -- 40 years ago! So I remember that just fine, it would be like a 50 something when I was 12 remembering back to "the crash of '29" -- egads, '29 seemed like ANCIENT history to me when I was in school -- for that matter, WWII seemed like ancient history!
"The moon will essentially walk around underneath the orbiter," says Garvin. "With the detail we get in the photographs, every picture will be like a mini-landing." That includes photos of the Apollo sites, all half-dozen of which should have their portraits snapped. If NASA gets lucky, Garvin believes the first such images could be in hand by the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, on July 20.