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Grim Fairy Tales

RealClearPolitics - End to Two Grim Fairy Tales

Short and sweet, just read it. Teddy and Michael -- without all the false sugar coating.

Parsing Change

Michael Kinsley - Health Care: Americans Want Change While Keeping Status Quo -

Kinsley is a very smart guy, but the effect of being part of the "anointed elite" is somewhere between sad and humorous. Like the fish that finally thinks it is getting a handle on being wet, Kinsley is so unable to smack himself in the head and say "oh, it's all around me!" that one feels sorry and giggly all at the same time. It is the feeling that I suspect that Christians might get at the moment of death -- "Oh Wow, it's been obvious the whole time".
The reason Americans have turned against health-care reform, after
electing President Obama in part for promising it, is simple: Despite
protestations to the contrary, Americans don't like change.
As he discusses later, "change" is abstract. People LOVE "change" when it is "whatever they are dreaming it is at the moment" -- it gets to be less positive if it is "change underwear with the guy on your right".
Why does this happen? Some people (including me) say the voters are immature. Politicians (and those talk radio fellows again) are always telling them that they are wise and those folks in Washington are fools. Pollsters seek and validate their opinions on subjects they haven't bothered to learn anything about. Politicians drown them in benefits with no thought of how the bills will be paid. No wonder that
citizens turn out like spoiled children.

But "immature" is a label, not an explanation. It's just a guess, but my own suspicion is that the raucous town hall meetings that blindsided pols and press alike reflect the voters' true feelings -- misinformed, perhaps, but sincere -- and their previous passionate demands for what they now passionately oppose -- in a word, "change" -- were empty ritual. Discontent verging on anger is almost the price of admission to our political culture these days. You're nobody if you're not furious at Congress and/or the media and/or your health care and/or the president. To believe in your country's institutions is virtually unpatriotic.
Remember how BO ran on what he was specifically going to do? Niether do I ... his platform was "Change!" ... and "Yes We Can!". It is hard to imagine a more vacuous platform than "change" and "yes we can". How about "Different" and "yes"??

"To believe in your country's institutions is virtually unpatriotic". How much ink has been used on Abu Ghraib? "lies" about WMD? the "complete botching of Katrina"? The list could go on, but I believe that we just came out of 8 years of history where the institutions of the government were assailed on a daily basis as being completely corrupt and incompetent. I fully understand that the MSM and the Democrats INTENDED all that ire at the government to suddenly go away on the day the shining BO administration walked in the door, but is that really reasonable? Even the smartest of "smart bomb sniping" is going to have SOME collateral damage. I'd argue that the level of completely ridiculous lefty "carpet bombing" is going to have fallout for years to come!

If the US government was anything at all like the horror that has been portrayed for especially the last 4 years, it would be impossible to turn it around in many years. I happen to think that it was handed over in better shape than when the the semen stained oval office was handed over in 2001 without a whole lot of the furnishings, but I know the press and the Democrats have done all they can to convince us that that things have been in a horrible mess for 8 years.

Kinsley, journalists and the chattering classes in general REALLY believe "it's all in our minds", and "reality IS what THEY think it is". To THEM, on the day that BO took office, the horrible US government was transformed from a decrepit evil broken down hag into a beautiful shining maiden. I suspect to their minds, it looks something like what happens after Belle kisses the beast in "Beauty and the Beast" -- "the spell is broken" and the castle, help and all around is transformed from evil and ugly to good and beautiful in the twinkling of an eye.

Kinsley finds the idea that not everyone shares his view of a Fairy Godmother transformation to be "immature". Now that the evil Bush has been vanquished and we have entered the sunny rule of his lordship BO, why do the common vermin not scrape and bow as is befitting of the royalty that as now deigned to rule their "misinformed" and "immature" carcasses?

How indeed one might ask?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Goodbye Harry?

SHERMAN FREDERICK: Enough is enough, Harry - Opinion -

Seeing the oh so sanctimonious Senate Leader Tom Daschle go down in '04 was a political highlight. One would hope that nearly everyone in the nation would now agree after realizing he skimmed $5million off various groups after his boys the Democrats took control back in '06 and somehow he neglected to pay over $100K of taxes due on the loot!

Could it be that the "power and the glory" has gone to Harry Reid's head enough so that the fine folks of Nevada have had enough? One can only hope.

The Real Lincoln

The subject book by Thomas DiLorenzo brings home one point that is much worth the read. We are taught in school that "Lincoln saved the union" and he was "the great emancipator". Those two items are somewhat true, but vast oversimplifications.

The greatest insight of the book is that "the union" that was "saved" wasn't what used to be called "The United States". The cost of the civil war was that the idea of "rights moving from God to the people to the states to the federal government" was destroyed at gunpoint, and replaced with the idea that once a state, always a state, or we will deal out death until you get it right.

The right of secession is a MUST in a country where the rights come from the people! The America of our founders and of the Constitution they created would have allowed the South to secede peacefully. Lincoln could not, and in fact pushed the South to war with "The American Plan" -- 1). Central Banking 2) High Tariffs 3). Internal Improvements.

For the South, this meant that they paid all the tariffs and all the "improvements" (which were essentially payola for companies) ended up in the North.

As the author pointed out, slavery was ended peacefully all around the world, and prejudice against blacks was at least as strong and in many ways stronger in the north. Lincoln himself wanted to ship the blacks back to Africa and felt that the two races were never tended to coexist. Were the south to have seceded peacefully, it is quite likely that slavery would have been ended in a decade or two via compensation to owners or a scheme where the children of the slaves were freed on their 21st birthday. Having over 620K Americans die wasn't required to end slavery.

I was personally struck by some of the sentiment that I first experienced when we had some friends from southern Indiana that would have been just south of the Mason Dixon line. Going to public school in the north, the Civil War is cut and dried -- the North is just, the South is unjust, Lincoln is a hero, the war was the only way to end slavery, and everyone ought to be thankful that it was fought. Not so in the South. This book is a more academic look at the kinds of sentiments that many of the folks of the South still carry over 100 years since the war. Being on the losing side makes a difference.

In reading the book, one realizes how expensive the Civil War was not only in lives and treasure, but in the loss of liberty and autonomy of the states that may well have been an irrecoverable blow that will eventually completely destroy the liberty that the country was founded on.

Healthcare Protest

Went over to a health care protest in front of the local offices of Klobuchar and Walz (Senator, Representative) Friday. 50-100 folks, no chanting, very civil signs, one guy across the street doing a "counter protest". Ran into a guy I used to work with whose wife died of cancer a couple of years ago -- he has spent a good long time studying the issue / Canada / England and was what I would call "quietly passionate". He had gone over to Owatonna for a town meeting and said they had come in with a couple of union buses of folks. Folks were pretty angry that anyone that disagrees is "a nut" -- thought that seemed to be different from what the war was at this time last year, although the war seems "all better now" for some odd reason.

A few of us walked into the offices and just asked "where were the Senator/Representative, when might they be in town?" we were told that information was not being given out due to "security". No coverage at all in the local paper on Saturday -- I recall a few years back that if they could get a couple of war protesters out, it was very newsworthy.

The media powers are doing their best to make anyone that disagrees with federal takeover of health care seem somewhere between "nuts and dangerous".

Friday, August 28, 2009

How Disaster Happens

RealClearPolitics - Can Dems Rescue ObamaCare?

It is hard to say whether the BOcare debacle will be ended quite the way Krauthammer suggests here, but it will likely have similar results in any case.

(5) Promise nothing but pleasure -- for now. Make health insurance universal and permanently protected. Tear up the existing bills and write a clean one -- Obamacare 2.0 -- promulgating draconian health-insurance regulation that prohibits (a) denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, (b) dropping coverage if the client gets sick, and (c) capping insurance company reimbursement.

What's not to like? If you have insurance, you'll never lose it. Nor will your children ever be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions.

The regulated insurance companies will get two things in return. Government will impose an individual mandate that will force the purchase of health insurance on the millions of healthy young people who today forgo it. And government will subsidize all the others who are too poor to buy health insurance. The result? Two enormous new revenue streams created by government for the insurance companies.

This "plan" is WAY more detailed than "Coverage for all, cheaper, better with more choice"!! This "plan" actually has something about HOW!!! But, like all things in this world that are "only pleasure" ....

Isn't there a catch? Of course, there is. This scheme is the ultimate bait-and-switch. The pleasure comes now, the pain later. Government-subsidized universal and virtually unlimited coverage will vastly compound already out-of-control government spending on health care. The financial and budgetary consequences will be catastrophic.

However, they will not appear immediately. And when they do, the only solution will be rationing. That's when the liberals will give the FCCCER regulatory power and give you end-of-life counseling.

But by then, resistance will be feeble. Why? Because at that point the only remaining option will be to give up the benefits we will have become accustomed to. Once granted, guaranteed universal health care is not relinquished. Look at Canada. Look at Britain. They got hooked; now they ration. So will we.

Government is a lot like drugs, smoking, gambling or other vices. When you "start", it seems "all good" -- it is just after you have been in it for awhile, realize how dependent you have become, how few other choices you now have, and how much power you have given up to your addiction, that you realize "they've got me". Then, as intended in the beginning, it is too late!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Kennedy's dream is our inspiration :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Mary Mitchell

Working in a technical job and from time to time with people who have emigrated from Canada, England or other places to GET the health care they need, I'm often reminded of the difference between reality and emotion. Our feelings have very few limits -- reality has a good deal more.
It is pretty simple.

As a country, we either believe that health care is a right or we don't.

So what is "health care"? Were Kennedy in England and on their "universal" plan, the only treatment that he would have gotten for his brain cancer would have been hospice and pain relieving drugs. I'm assuming that the author of this column would consider that to be health care?

The raucous debates over a "public option," so-called "death panels" and "taxpayer sponsored abortions" are designed to obscure the real issue:

We live in the richest and most powerful country in the world, and we can't find the will or the compassion to ensure that all Americans receive quality health care.

It is a disgrace.

So the "real issue" is simply "ensure that all Americans receive quality health care"?  So which ones don't? The uninsured? I don't think so -- if they show up at clinics, they will get health care just like Teddy. What exactly is it that makes it "a disgrace"? In England, a person of less than Kennedy level extreme wealth would get hospice care only for the same cancer that felled Teddy. Is that decision a "death panel"? Yes and no. Hospice care only would have been $100's of K cheaper for Teddy, but he might not have been able to speak at the Democrat convention, or see BO elected. As a nation, we paid $100's of thousands of dollars for a very rich man to have a few more months of life. In England, **HE** would have had to pay, but 99% of us would not have gotten those months, because we could not afford them. I'd tend to argue that is reasonable -- but that is a major part of the shape of a REAL debate on health care.

That thought process seems like it is on the way to how we might reform health care in this country. Right now we ALL expect "Teddy Kennedy care", and indeed we all pay so even Teddy gets that level of care without having to take it from his own pocket. I like to call it "Private Jet Care". Virtually none of us can afford to have a Private Jet, yet all of us now expect to have health care that is the equivalent of a Private Jet. Unsurprisingly, providing everyone with that level of care -- insured or not, is EXTREMELY expensive. We complain about it pushing 20% of our GDP, but in many ways, it is surprising it isn't more.

Frankly, some of the arguments against health care reform that are made by ordinary people sound hard-hearted.

How did we get to the place where so many of us think that health care reform boils down to paying the medical bills of "those" people who are "shooting each other" or who are "immigrants."

Ironically, it won't be "those" people who won't get treatment when they need it.

Being liberal means being "morally pure" where it counts for liberals. The fact that some conservatives and Christians may have "morals" about whom one can sleep with, drowning your secretary, helping your nephew get away with rape and other mundane things like that is "chilling", "full of hypocricy" or "turning the clock back to tghe 19th century". If one espouses liberal principles, one can hold the wealth of a Kennedy or a Kerry and be 100% free from the charge of hypocracy. Being liberal is a "matter of the heart", and only foul conservatives would somehow imply that not all matters of the heart can be conjured in the real world.

My "goals" may be "simple". "Health care for all that is cheaper, higher quality and provides more choices". How can anyone disagree with that? How about with an investment plan that "has less risk, higher returns, and only invests in sustainable business"? Of say, a diet, where you can "eat the foods you want, when you want, and excise only when convienient to you and reach your target weight in less than a year".

The "simple" problem is the complete confusion of ends with means. I heard Amy Klobochar on MPR today from at the fair repeat more than once "covers all, less expensive, higher quality and adds to the choices that people have today". She said not a single word about "how", since in the real world were MEANS are a MAJOR part of reality, the devil is very much in those "details of how".

So the left this is a simple moral issue. Other countries that have only 10-30% of the population of the US  "have it" (although there is precious little study of what "it" is other than the lable "universal health"). But they say that "we don't" -- because there are 47 million people without insurance. But wait -- insurance is a MEANS to PAY for healthcare! It isn't healthcare at all! Teddy Kennedy could have paid for his treatment out of pocket with EASE had he been uninsured! Had the poorest 77 year old in the country walked in to the same hospital as Teddy, they too would have gotten the same care. Only in a country with "universal health" would Kennedy have received care, but another 77 year old of less than top 1% wealth would not have.

We live in a supposed democracy where it is immoral to discuss how we pay for out health care because the left had decided so. Welcome to BO America.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sorry, Not Safe

Marc Thiessen: Obama Versus the CIA -

We are 16 days away from knowing for sure that the Bush policies made us safer than the Clinton policies. We know what happened on September 11, 2001. Our MSM and the Democrats told us over and over that "The policies of George Bush make us less safe", yet there as not been an attack on US soil since 9/11/2001. If the MSM and the Democrats were correct, there needs to be an attack at least as significant as 9/11 in the next 16 days, otherwise, they "lied" (in the same way as Bush "lied" about WMD).

Is BO making us less safe? I think so, the only thing I disagree with in the paragraphs below is that we will be sorry in 10 years. I'm sorry already, I think we all will be sorry in less than 4 years.

Now Attorney General Eric Holder, a political appointee, is overruling the decisions of career Justice Department officials and appointing a special prosecutor. If the Bush administration had done the same thing to its predecessor, the mainstream media would be howling.

The decision to prosecute will have a devastating effect on the intelligence community—pushing the agency back into a risk-averse, pre-Sept. 11, 2001, mentality. Indeed, the IG report itself indicates that agency officials knew this day was coming. "One officer expressed concern that one day, Agency officers will wind up on some 'wanted list' to appear before the World Court. . . . Another said, 'Ten years from now, we're going to be sorry we're doing this . . . [but] it has to be done.'"

Can you even IMAGINE the outcry had the Bush administration started investigations into the Slick Willie WH?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ONE ... Single Payer System (Video)

BO Like Which President? Carter

Fouad Ajami: Obama’s Summer of Discontent -

Good article here is the section that points out that BO clearly isn't some great heroic figure as the MSM and a bunch of folks in his spell held him out to be:

The Obama devotees were the victims of their own belief in political magic. The devotees could not make up their minds. In a newly minted U.S. senator from Illinois, they saw the embodiment of Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Like Lincoln, Mr. Obama was tall and thin and from Illinois, and the historic campaign was launched out of Springfield. The oath of office was taken on the Lincoln Bible. Like FDR, he had a huge economic challenge, and he better get it done, repair and streamline the economy in his "first hundred days." Like JFK, he was young and stylish, with a young family.

All this hero-worship before Mr. Obama met his first test of leadership. In reality, he was who he was, a Chicago politician who had done well by his opposition to the Iraq war. He had run a skillful campaign, and had met a Clinton machine that had run out of tricks and a McCain campaign that never understood the nature of the contest of 2008.

He was no FDR, and besides the history of the depression—the real history—bears little resemblance to the received narrative of the nation instantly rescued, in the course of 100 days or 200 days, by an interventionist state. The economic distress had been so deep and relentless that FDR began his second term, in 1937, with the economy still in the grip of recession.

Nor was JFK about style. He had known military service and combat, and familial loss; he had run in 1960 as a hawk committed to the nation's victory in the Cold War. He and his rival, Richard Nixon, shared a fundamental outlook on American power and its burdens.

Now that realism about Mr. Obama has begun to sink in, these iconic figures of history had best be left alone. They can't rescue the Obama presidency. Their magic can't be his. Mr. Obama isn't Lincoln with a BlackBerry. Those great personages are made by history, in the course of history, and not by the spinners or the smitten talking heads.

I suspect that by the time we are done here, Carter will seem like a MUCH better President than BO.

Freedom vs Free Stuff

RealClearPolitics - The Great Escape

I saw a little PJ O'Rourke video the other day where he said something like the following in his forever humorous style "Americans love freedom, as in Ronald Reagan -- Freedom to make money, spend money, get rich, get stupid, etc. But, Americans also love "free stuff" ala Obama -- free healthcare, free education, free hou, etc. Since Americans (like all people), hate Responsibility, work and stuff like that, when tend to forget after awhile that free stuff costs a lot in individual freedom -- to make money, spend money, etc, and they swing back the other way. Right now, they are intent on getting a lot of free stuff."

The following is from the Sowell article:

Many of the issues of our times are hard to understand without understanding the vision of the world that they are part of. Whether the particular issue is education, economics or medical care, the preferred explanation tends to be an external explanation-- that is, something outside the control of the individuals directly involved.

Education is usually discussed in terms of the money spent on it, the teaching methods used, class sizes or the way the whole system is organized. Students are discussed largely as passive recipients of good or bad education.

Much like students, BO assumes that he can treat the US population, economy, world business, foreign countries, etc as "objects" that will predictably respond to his various nostrums. All the world is a stage for the "director", BO to move the parts around on as he sees fit. Ah, what a fine production it is!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Loony As a Way of Life

Op-Ed Columnist - The Guns of August -

Note this is not from some fringe rag or wingnut blog, this is from the NYT. Mr Rich is convinced that any minor whiff of thought that doesn't agree with the lefty view of the world means that we are on the verge of armed conflict. He doesn't say what we ought to DO about this horror, but it is implied in various columns that confiscation of weapons, controls on any group that is somehow identified as "right wing", maybe "education" (forced?) ... it is all very fuzzy, but at least to Mr Rich, we have a "Clear and Present Danger".

Oddly, I'm sure he has probably "forgotten" that Reagan was actually shot and easily could have died, Gerald Ford was shot AT by ex-Manson follower Squeaky Frome -- but in true lefty fashion, she missed entirely (thankfully). My point here would  be that while Rich seems to think that violence is an affliction only of the right, any sort of perusal of the facts is going to make that case hard to support.

No, the biggest contributor to this resurgence of radicalism remains panic in some precincts about a new era of cultural and demographic change. As the sociologist Daniel Bell put it, “What the right as a whole fears is the erosion of its own social position, the collapse of its power, the increasing incomprehensibility of a world — now overwhelmingly technical and complex — that has changed so drastically within a lifetime.”

Bell wrote this fine analysis in '62, but the panic on the left that somebody still thinks differently from them is just as great. JFK was shot by a Castro supporter that had visited the USSR -- not PRECISELY what one might call a "right wing attack". Sirhan Sirhan claimed that he shot RFK because of his support for Israel -- Sirhan was born in Palestine. James Earl Ray was a poor repeat criminal with no identified ideology. I must admit that there is some strong evidence that the 1979 swimming rabbit that attacked Carter in GA was a member of a radical fringe militia group -- so I'll grant him one!

Note also how it is somehow "the right" that can't handle "change". One might argue that globalization, the internet, the end of the USSR and much of the various technical revolutions had much more to do with "the right" than with the left. Is it simply because Rich is certain that "left = smart, right = stupid" that he is convinced of the right's inability to deal with complexity? I know a whole bunch of guys that Rich would call "rightists" that design and code operating system software for a living -- is that less complex than writing bad opinion for the NY Times?

Can a rational person look at the facts of the past 50 years and conclude that there is any significant danger from the right in this country? The war protests, the campus bombings, the race riots in cities, union violence and rampant crime. What of that is a phenomenon of "the right"? Sure, there is Timothy McVeigh and some abortion doctor killings. So the "right" is going to have some crackpots as well. In many ways, Rich ought to be saying "Thank God" -- if Timothy McVeigh didn't exist, it was almost getting to the point that the left ought to have faked him in order to keep them from looking bad!

Of course, how can you really look bad when you have the NYT on your side!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Open Conspiracy, Cloward Piven

CHANDLER: The Cloward-Piven strategy - Washington Times

This a good little article that does some "connecting the dots" on ACORN, BO, and Cloward-Piven. I covered Cloward-Piven here. How much is BO following this? One can never tell for sure, but I'm pretty sure he is well aware of it and one of the reasons that he is very cavilier about making policy choices that are highly likely to destroy the fabric of America is because he sees America as basically a "racist, imperialist, war oriented, unfair, bully that has had things going it's way for way too long for a lot of damage to the rest of the world and the environment".

While complete destruction of America and having it "bombed back to the stone age" may not be his specific agenda, he finds the country as he found it to be completely unacceptable -- the TOP priority is "change". The content of that "change" is extremely secondary.

How democratic nations are destroyed is sadly almost too predictable. Sadly, our founders were well aware of this, so VERY explicitly created a nation that WAS NOT a "Democracy", but rather a Representative Republic -- unfortunately, our aristocracy became an elite. Think of the aristocracy as having real skin in the future of the Nation -- wealth, family history, connection and subsctiption to the American ideals. They are examples of "what it means to be an American". If they allow the nation to be destroyed, they lose what they cherish, they are one with the nation, they look to the nation to give them a form of immortality. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton, Franklin -- they were all part of the American aristocracy. If America descends into a tribal third world look alike, those names will be lost to history.

Think of "the elite" as academic, noveau rich, the famous, the chattering classes -- their card is CURRENT  "influence and power". Hitler is still well known and would be even if Germany ceased to exist. It isn't important for Einstein, Gates, Buffet, Michael Jackson or even Thoreau that America continue to exist in any recognizable form -- their names are "world names", like BO, they are "citizens of the world", not primarily "Americans".

So is BO TRYING to "overload and reset"? I don't believe so, but I do believe that he would see that outcome as much more positive than the horror of a largely "unchanged America". He did not run on the greatness of America, he ran on "Hope and Change". While he did very very little to specify what either of those meant, I think we can assume he thought that "hope" was lacking and that things needed to be more different than the same (change). The country had become too democratic, so the masses were taken in by the most dangerous president in US history so far. We are in grave peril.

The Prevention Scam

Charles Krauthammer - Preventive Care Isn't the Magic Bullet for Health Care Costs -

Like most things in BOworld, his claims that "prevention saves money" are pure lies. Note that these are REAL LIES as opposed to fake lies like "Bush lied about WMD". Every intelligence service in the world was certain Saddam had WMD, it was common knowledge. When common knowledge turns out to be wrong, it is just wrong -- nobody "lied" about the world being flat, they were just WRONG. If BO doesn't know that spending a lot of money on thousands of people for preventative care costs more, he is is such a fool that he should resign -- if he does know and keeps saying it, then he ought to forced from office because he is a liar.

That's a hypothetical case. What's the real-life actuality? In Obamaworld, as explained by the president in his Tuesday town hall, if we pour money into primary care for diabetics instead of giving surgeons "$30,000, $40,000, $50,000" for a later amputation -- a whopper that misrepresents the surgeon's fee by a factor of at least 30 -- "that will save us money." Back on Earth, a rigorous study in the journal Circulation found that for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, "if all the recommended prevention activities were applied with 100 percent success," the prevention would cost almost 10 times as much as the savings, increasing the country's total medical bill by 162 percent. That's because prevention applied to large populations is very expensive, as shown by another report Elmendorf cites, a definitive review in the New England Journal of Medicine of hundreds of studies that found that more than 80 percent of preventive measures added to medical costs.

Should we do prevention? Sure, but we need to be aware that it costs money -- as to many things, so it is a TRADEOFF, not a panacea. The real world has very few panaceas -- BOworld seems to be loaded with them.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When Giants Fall

The subject book by Michael Panzner is an orgy of doom and gloom, but the reasons why along with any potential for escape are cloudy at best.
"For many Americans, the years ahead will be nothing short of a Modern Dark Ages, where each day brings forth fresh anxieties, unfamiliar risks, and a deep sense of foreboding ..."
He does go on to assert that an "enlightened few" that have things firmly in grasp could do well, but after reading the book, I'd have to say that other than being a survivalist with some buried gold, he is short on advice for how the "enlightened" might get along.

Why is all of this coming upon us? There is no one clear reason, but here is an example :
"Now though, the circumstances that have made the United States a beacon of light and the economic and cultural agenda setter over the course of many decades are changing. Many blame the disastrous military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the newfound acceptance of barbaric torture techniques and scandals like the mistreatment of prisoners at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, others put it down to a general sense of arrogance, of unilateral decision making and hubristic exceptionalism, especially during the two terms that President George W. Bush was in office."

Again, the guy is clearly no neocon -- two terms of George Bush may well have been what killed America! Certainly not a very robust nation, in that merely ONE horrible President, even with the very able 2-year assistance of a fully Democratic congress could irreparably destroy the nation. Think of it -- we survived the '60s and '70s ... Bay of Pigs, the massacre at My Lai -- is killing women and children in cold blood worse than harassing Iraqi prisoners? the loss of 50K lives in Vietnam in complete ignominious defeat, assassinations of two Kennedy's and MLK, Watergate, the economy running to 20+ % inflation and 13%+ unemployment --- BUT, we were brought down by two wars in which we have lost less than 10K soldiers and which at this writing, there seems to be every prospect that we will win both of them!!! Wow.

I'm not so sure the guy is wrong, but I think it has a lot more to do with "America" than it does with Bush -- for the first time in my lifetime, the MSM / elite in this country decided that they so thoroughly hated a president that there were no boundaries on how they would attack him. It is reminiscent of diseases like arthritis or MS where the immune system goes nuts and attacks the body. Humans are designed to live in groups of 250 people or less, and we are wired to do whatever it takes to "maintain enough status to breed" (and to protect our families / offspring) within that group. When the leadership of "our group" identifies someone in the group as "unclean/beneath contempt/outcast", it is well documented that we are "wired" to "pile on" -- it is too late for that one, the only way to save ourselves is to "go with the group".

I think our mass media has crossed a boundary where for most Americans it supercedes whatever their "actual group" is (work, family, church, etc) and the level of disparagement of Bush made him our "ultimate pariah". Oddly, mankind seems to have evolved an odd type of creature sometimes called an "iconoclast" -- which I prefer to call "Moose". I feel most comfortable far outside of the "common wisdom" because I find nearly all common wisdom to just be "popular foolishness".

The rest of the world is well enough wired to our media that the spectacle of a supposedly great nation completely turning on a leader that they had elected a mere two years before in a growing economy with no major policy changes was simply too much to maintain any respect for. When that sudden change of heart was coupled with a radical shift to the left in '06, most of the world validly saw us as just plain nuts. But I digress, this guy thinks it is "Bush" -- and that is a popular view.

Whatever the reason, he is convinced that the age of the unipolar US dominated globe is over, and as the US itself descends into financial, industrial and military ruin, the squabbling for leadership among China, Russia, Europe, Venezuela, etc will speed the worldwide decline.
"Worries and resentments over falling wages, surging unemployment, and the widening gap between righ and poor will also rouse nationalistic, protectionist, and xenophobic hostility. Throughout the world there will be a push for tighter borders and controls on the flow of people, goods, and capital. Immigrants and foreigners will become scapegoats for domestic ills. Meanwhile, a variety of home-grown woes will stir up social unrest, triggering obstructive and antagonistic responses. In many cases, governments will implement ill-conceived policies, including hyperinflationary expansion of the money supply, which will engender further instability. Enfeebled nations will see the reins of power commandeered by populists or tyrants. Some will tap the destructive energy of old rivalries or demonize wealthier rivals, including the United States."
Here is a little quote from a guy named JR Nyquist that I found interesting:
As it happens, men are not global creatures. They speak a specific language, relate to a specific culture, and share specific historical experiences. Although it may sound enlightened to say that we are "all one", it is nonetheless untrue. We are not one. We are individuals with individual traits and attachments. What attaches me to the globe is nothing compared to the reality of language, culture, family and tribe. Every individual has a motherland and a mother tongue. There are national sentiments and national interests.
Very well put -- and for BO, that is KENYA and the Luo Tribe!!!
"To cynical observers, the 1973 publication of "Small is Beautiful" market the peak of hysteria about the limits to growth. ... Perhaps it is ironic that despite decades of apparent evidence to the contrary, Schumacher's vision of the future has not disappeared from view."
Welcome back to the age of malaise! Economic freedom inspires risk taking and innovation which provides growth that breaks down the old "limits to growth". There is a strange paradox that for the "liberal" that finds any restriction on sexual behavior from marriage to sticking with the opposite sex or same species to be restrictive beyond belief, the idea that folks ought to be able to labor at the job of their choosing and keep most of the money they make is scandalous beyond belief!! The "cynics" are the ones that believe that the human mind and ingenuity is unlimited, and of tremendously more importance than the supposed "limits to growth". Potentially, if the average liberal spent 1/10th as much brainpower on new economic horizons as opposed to new sexual horizons, the malaise could be subdued!!
"After years of ever-growing profits, easing regulations, and a yawning gap between the incomes of workers and those at the top, political and social pressures will force the pendulum back the other way. The result will be increasing taxes on businesses and their overseers, restrictive legislation and political interference, tougher rules on governance and executive compensation and pressure for payoffs and handouts ... "
And the result? Well, less for everyone of course!!

In many ways, this book is like one of those reality chase videos on TV where the fleeing car is driving erratically and very fast, with an ever tightening police pursuit -- it becomes certain that there will be a bad crash at the end, but it is impossible to see how to prevent it. Our vehicle "made impact" in '06 when we put the drunken Democrats in charge of Congress, and in '08 when we handed the wheel to the Kenyan Obozo, we drove off the cliff of unknown height and now we just await the sudden stop at the bottom.

Oh, if you are feeling happy and wonder what depression is like, it will work! I wish there was a little less truth in it.

The Greatest Spiritual Secret of the Century

The subject book by Thom Hartmann is actually a lot "better" in that it is fairly well written. Thom took over the mike on Air America from Al Franken and is considered the most influential "progressive" radio host in America. One really should read through the Wikipedia entry for him just to see what sort of nutcases have influence with the left in this country. Thom hasa PHD!! in homeopathic "medicine" -- the "medicine" where one dilutes substances to the level where single molecules or less exist in the "dose". It has been known to be complete quackery for a least 100 years, yet Thom has a "PHD" in it!!!

Among his other wacky beliefs is that John Kennedy was murdered by a trio of mafia dons. There are a couple of quotes from the book that I find to be base concepts of the liberal mind:
"It's not human nature that is broken or sick, it's our culture, which has spread across most all of the world. The culture of domination and conquest. Of the thousands of tribes on earth, only one has gone so insane that they'd lock up food and make people work like slaves to earn it. And that tribe, that culture, is ours".
That "insane tribe" is the US for Thom -- and from looking at a list of his other books and writings, one can pick out that he is CERTAIN that ANYTHING is better than the current US culture!!! One really wishes that Thom could spend a few joyus months in Mogadishu or with some other similar "better tribe".
"... I guess it would mean that I couldn't continue to just get along and go along, to feed the machine of the multinational corporations and the kings and the despots of the world, to be a wage slave. I'd want to find a way to make a living that wasn't toxic to the earch, to other humans, to all life".
There you have it ... why don't we all live in some way that makes zero impact on the planet? Amish maybe? He didn't say HOW -- he just said what needs to be done.

This guy is a best selling author and his radio show took over the slot of a guy that was elected SENATOR !!! He is a radical new age quack and he is the most influential liberal talk show host in America!!!

Airport for Nobody

Remote Murtha airport lands big bucks from Washington -

Remember the "bridge to nowhere" in Alaska? One of those horrible examples of Republican pork that helped the MSM and the Democrats bring down that Republican majority? You ought to, it was covered like crazy.

Take a look at the silent little $200 Million taxpayer funded airport used by an average of 20 people per day!!! Courtesy of John Murtha, Democrat. Plus, it goes on giving -- we can only hope that more people don't use it, since each ticket is subsidized by the Feds for $100!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

War With BO is OK

For the Left, war without Bush is not war at all | Washington Examiner

I happened to be out on the road for a few days and got to see a bunch of old "Bush/war" bumper stickers. So if the wars were so horrible with Bush in office, what is up now? Well, as York, reports, just like Clinton/Kosovo, nothing -- being left means having no fixed principles, so as long as your side is in, war is just fine.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Fish Rots From the Head

The White House - Blog Post - Facts Are Stubborn Things

Note, the MSM doesn't find anything "chilling" about THIS!! Hey, turn in your neighbors to the BO White House! We'll decide what to do about their "misinformation"!!! Naturally, the cud chewing lefty sheep find this to be very comforting. They regularly have trouble fully explaining the latest BO program that is going to "improve care, be less costly, cover everyone and allow you to keep all the same choices you have to day with no negative impact"!!! Hey, who could be against THAT, and why in the world would you ask any questions about it!!

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Worries on the Left

Obama's healthcare horror | Salon

Please read this, Camille Pagila is a lefty with impeccable empty headed views on creating a perfect world with a few simple government programs.

But somehow liberals have drifted into a strange servility toward big government, which they revere as a godlike foster father-mother who can dispense all bounty and magically heal all ills. The ethical collapse of the left was nowhere more evident than in the near total silence of liberal media and Web sites at the Obama administration's outrageous solicitation to private citizens to report unacceptable "casual conversations" to the White House. If Republicans had done this, there would have been an angry explosion by Democrats from coast to coast. I was stunned at the failure of liberals to see the blatant totalitarianism in this incident, which the president should have immediately denounced. His failure to do so implicates him in it.

A "strange servility"? Apparently Camille has missed most of her lefty compatriots quietly chewing their cuds when Democrats held power in the past.

In case you doubt that she is actually a certified Bush hater, and therefore obviously intelligent in the eyes of the MSM and it's followers ...

Aug. 12, 2009 | Buyer's remorse? Not me. At the North American summit in Guadalajara this week, President Obama resumed the role he is best at -- representing the U.S. with dignity and authority abroad. This is why I, for one, voted for Obama and continue to support him. The damage done to U.S. prestige by the feckless, buffoonish George W. Bush will take years to repair. Obama has barely begun the crucial mission that he was elected to do.

Imperial Congress

John Fund: Congress’s Gulfstream Jet Scandal Is Just the Beginning -

Naturally a corporate CEO wanting to leverage his time by using a Gulfstream is something that ought to be pointed out as wasteful of money and damaging to the environment.

Congress though, not THAT is a completely different story!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Bloom Coming off BO Rose?

Dorothy Rabinowitz: Obama’s Tone-Deaf Health Campaign -

Are the masses waking up and starting to smell the stench of BO rather than the lofty airs that the MSM has been telling them are associated with BO? One can only hope. It is going to take a WAVE to get even minimal leverage to right the ship in the next election. Even I would not have believed the level of damage that BO has been able to wreak in 6 short months.

The president has a problem. For, despite a great election victory, Mr. Obama, it becomes ever clearer, knows little about Americans. He knows the crowds—he is at home with those. He is a stranger to the country’s heart and character.
He seems unable to grasp what runs counter to its nature. That Americans don’t take well, for instance, to bullying, especially of the moralizing kind, implicit in those speeches on health care for everybody. Neither do they wish to be taken where they don’t know they want to go and being told it’s good for them. 

Who would have believed that this politician celebrated, above all, for his eloquence and capacity to connect with voters would end up as president proving so profoundly tone deaf? A great many people is the answer—the same who listened to those speeches of his during the campaign, searching for their meaning. 

It took this battle over health care to reveal the bloom coming off this rose, but that was coming. It began with the spectacle of the president, impelled to go abroad to apologize for his nation—repeatedly. It is not, in the end, the demonstrators in those town-hall meetings or the agitations of his political enemies that Mr. Obama should fear. It is the judgment of those Americans who have been sitting quietly in their homes, listening to him.

Un-American Protests

Column: 'Un-American' attacks can't derail health care debate - Opinion -

Remember when it was "chilling" for some to claim that it was "un-American" for the NYT to sensationalize Abu Grab and to leak classified documents on rendition programs and other supposedly covert activities? They thought that such activity was bound to embolden more terror and to make the US out to be the bad guy. Wow, folks that think like THAT are "radical" -- let's see how the left thinks about people making statements about BOcare.

However, it is now evident that an ugly campaign is underway not merely to misrepresent the health insurance reform legislation, but to disrupt public meetings and prevent members of Congress and constituents from conducting a civil dialogue. These tactics have included hanging in effigy one Democratic member of Congress in Maryland and protesters holding a sign displaying a tombstone with the name of another congressman in Texas, where protesters also shouted "Just say no!" drowning out those who wanted to hold a substantive discussion.

Well now it is "un-American" to protest your government adding trillions of dollars to the debt for BOcare. This is an America where you have no right to oppose the will of BO and Nancy Pelosi. "Change" has come to pass!!

It is interesting to note which side is offended by what. Conservatives tend to be offended by flag burning, not supporting the nation at war and chants and disruptions at campaign events. Democrats are offended that not everyone agrees with them at a Town Hall meeting. One might wonder if the "Town Hall" is supposed to be more like the local Politburo? Where we all get together to say the same thing?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Simple Truth

Remove the complexity and often the truth is quite simple!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Who's Nazi Nancy Now?

RealClearPolitics - Nancy's Nazi Shock: Did She Forget the Bush Years?

A nice jaunt down memory lane of the Bush years. Gee, who would have ever thought of likening someone you didn't like to Hitler or a Nazi!! Wow, we have NEVER seen that before!!

How short some memories are. Nazis were "National Socialists" -- gee, which side of the spectrum are socialists normally on? But wait! There IS a correlation -- Republican = evil = Nazi!! There, that makes sense!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Republican Mobs

Democrats say Republicans staging town hall protests -

I've never been to a major Republican campaign event where some number of Democrats didn't show up to demonstrate on the street outside, try to cover the speaker with boos or chants, or just yelling. In order to see Newt Gingerich speak 15 years ago, I had to walk through a line of chanting democrat and union protesters (they stopped and let me through nicely -- it helps to be 6'4" 250+).

They were being LED by the Democrat that was running for congress from this district and received more coverage from the local media than Speaker of the House Gingerich. I think every national Republican convention for at least the last 8 years has been heavily demonstrated against and typically had someone have to be carried away during the major acceptance speech. I've never heard the media have nary a negative word to say about it, nor have I seen where they publish some Republican complaints about it.

So Democrats have been turning Republican events into shout-fests forever, but somehow it is "evil" if Republicans say something? Staged? The protest over Newt just being here was completely led by the Democrat that was running for Congress. What is that?

The insanity builds -- BO and his Democrat cronies are spending TRILLIONS of $$$ that they don't have and anyone that doesn't agree with them is supposed to just shut up?? How close are they to trying to FORCE the opposition to shut up?? Are any of the sheep starting to hear some warning bells here?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Utopia vs Freedom

RealClearPolitics - Utopia Versus Freedom

Sowell states the obvious that it seems that nobody understands these days. One man's utopia is another man's hell. Our country was founded in the ideal that I have the freedom to try to find MY utopia as long as it doesn't interfere with your freedom to find yours!! Freedom ALWAYS means **RISK** ... human's are vastly flawed, and things are not here to make us happy (one would think that death might be enough of a clue of that fact for even the most non-observant). Therefore, we have a right to PURSUE happiness -- not "have it". A right to "have it" is a guarantee that the vast majority will have anything but happiness and that "unalienable right" to pursue it will have been squandered in the bargain.

The other very operative factor is that it IS possible for individuals to have significant freedom. but it turns out to NOT be possible to have utopia in this world (again, death is a nice clue). So the trade-off is giving up the real for the fictional -- a very bad trade.

I don't need to quote it, it is short, just read it!

Moderates on Healthcare Editorials, Political Cartoons, and Polls from Investor's Business Daily -- Gov't-Run Care Is A Study In Soaring Costs

With the country deep in the left ditch, the term "moderate" seems to have fallen completely out of fashion. When we were only on the left shoulder with extremely moderate Republicans like Bush and McCain in the drivers seat, the current crop of socialists were of course "moderates", but now that we are buried in the left ditch with little apparent hope of rescue, "moderates" are no where to be found. It seems that the MSM and the bulk of the lefties just can't imagine the use of the moderate term for ANYONE that isn't on the left. "Moderate" is good, left is good -- if you look at the world that way, and that is just how they think.

I'd argue that Boschwitz and Penney are a pretty moderate combination, and they are even prone to this currently completely missing thought of "common sense". If we are going to sign the government up for a gigantic medical entitlement, ought we not look at how they have done with the two giant entitlements they have today in the medical area -- Medicare and Medicade??

What kind of impact did Medicare, the first large government health insurance plan have in budgetary terms? Medicare rose from $5.1 billion in 1968 to $436.0 billion in 2007 an astounding increase of 85.5 times over the 40-year period. Will ObamaCare be better?

Their article goes over all the comparisons with the rest of the budget, but the bottom line is that about the only thing the government seems to be able to do at an ever decreasing percentage of the budget is defense.

The Answer is Always Left

Commentary: Why Obama's plans are stalled -

BO's 2nd 100 days haven't been as stellar as the far left ditch was sure they would be. Why is that? Well in 2nd position, there are of course still those evil Repbublicans, but when one has a 60 vote majority in the Senate, even your more sophisticated lefty has to realize that it is hard to JUST blame the Republicans. The problem?

One of the biggest challenges has been the division within the Democratic Party between a handful of centrists and the liberal base. The tensions immediately became apparent when moderates forced Congress to reduce the size of the economic stimulus bill back in February.

Damn!! Those Democrats just aren't far enough to the left!! Not only do we need to get to one party rule, it is imperitive that party be ideologically pure! Note the "slight" difference here that Bush -- he of perscription drug benefits, trying to save FICA with private accounts, and No Child Left Behind (Federal involvement in education) -- HE was a "hard core radical right wing ideologue". Note the lack of "ideology" on the left -- what would it take to find a left wing ideologue? Apparetntly there is no such thing.

For most of the MSM, my guess would be that if we were left of China, they would still find a few too many "moderates" outside of prison somewhere that were causing trouble.

Monday, August 03, 2009

What Do You Think???

Boston officer's apparent racial slur may get him fired -

Just read the link and tell me what Boston Officer you think of? Notice the pictures.

The guy on the top is Jim Crowley the officer involved in the Gates arrest, the guy on the bottom is Justin Barrett the guy who sent the note. Barrett had nothing to do with the arrest, yet the fact that the note was sent was linked below the CNN headline about the Gates incident.

One wonders how many crank notes the Boston Globe gets on a daily basis? What percentage do you suppose they publish??

Does the MSM try to "subtely" influence what people think via "assumed relationships"??

How many times did we hear from varies media and Democrat sources that "Bill Clinton was set up"?? Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky were "openly rumored" to be "plants". Even the first lady talked on national TV about "the vast right wing conspiracy", yet to the majority of the left, anyone that even claims that there is a media bias is "a nutcase".

At the very least, the "message" that covering some officers screed note to the Boston Globe gets across is "The Boston Police are Racist". Who benefits from that message?

I think it is pretty hard to argue anything but that the Boston Globe and CNN thought it would be good to plant the seed that "the Boston Cop" had sent a racist note, so he was a racist. I bet over half of their readers looked at it and said "SEE!! The cop is a racist!!!"

Losing Prosperity for Equality

RealClearMarkets - Is Economic Equality Worth the Loss of Prosperity?

Naturally, the MSM and the left will assure us that this is a "false choice" -- they ought to know, they are getting pretty expert at them lately -- "BO stimulus or depression, BO healthcare or "nothing" (whatever that means). Their thinking is that one DOESN'T need to have those "animal spirits" of capitalism in order to have "prosperity". How do we know if they are right? Well, let them get rid of all the capitalism and make everyone dependent on the state for basic food, and then we can see ... of course when we get there, we may no longer be able to do anything about it, but then that would be OK with the lefties as well. Must be Bush's fault!!

The radical idea that all men should be equal before the law, each free to pursue happiness using his own means, created a nation of innovators that transformed the world. American culture had little tolerance for hereditary privilege, instead celebrating the self-made man accepting unequal outcomes as the price society pays to motivate entrepreneurial risk. Our founding social contract gave almost everyone a shot at riches but guaranteed outcomes for none. The system lasted 200 years because the same market that rewarded innovation eventually spread its fruits to even life's laggards. In the historical blink of an eye material luxuries became necessities became basic human "rights."

Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Contrast Worth A Trillion Words

American Thinker Blog: Obama's revealing body language (updated and expanded))

It is worth looking at the picture that leads the story and the one that ends it, and then just spend a moment on the contrast. BO is pictured by the MSM as "compassionate, caring, a man of the people, non-partisan, approachable, etc" ... in other words, all things good. Bush on the other hand "pompous, arrogant, partisan, out of touch, uncaring, only thinks of the rich, ... in other words, all things bad.

The press assigns those characteristics to those men because those are likely the feelings that they have as they think of them and their policies. BO promises that he will make OTHERS do a whole lot of "caring and compassion", but what will he himself do? How "caring and compassionate" does a giant government bureaucracy on the public dole staffed by union employees with nearly total job security but zero capacity to improve their position by better performance become?

One look at Bush helping the oldest Senate Democrat down the stairs shows more about compassion than 100 slick speeches read off a teleprompter in my book. One look at Crowley helping his accuser who ripped into him while he calmly did his job as an officer down the steps while BO is completely oblivious to the needs of his friend shows who it is that needs "teaching".

We live in a nation where the 24x7 coverage of everything makes it SEEM like it is "the words that matter", but in fact both individually and as a nation, it is eventually who we ARE that speaks so much more loudly than what we SAY. We have lost sight of that, and unfortunately the vast majority of Americans continue to follow the words of the MSM and charlatans telling them that "it is all someone elses' fault, the rich can bail us out, trust the government not yourselves ...".