Saturday, August 01, 2009

A Contrast Worth A Trillion Words

American Thinker Blog: Obama's revealing body language (updated and expanded))

It is worth looking at the picture that leads the story and the one that ends it, and then just spend a moment on the contrast. BO is pictured by the MSM as "compassionate, caring, a man of the people, non-partisan, approachable, etc" ... in other words, all things good. Bush on the other hand "pompous, arrogant, partisan, out of touch, uncaring, only thinks of the rich, ... in other words, all things bad.

The press assigns those characteristics to those men because those are likely the feelings that they have as they think of them and their policies. BO promises that he will make OTHERS do a whole lot of "caring and compassion", but what will he himself do? How "caring and compassionate" does a giant government bureaucracy on the public dole staffed by union employees with nearly total job security but zero capacity to improve their position by better performance become?

One look at Bush helping the oldest Senate Democrat down the stairs shows more about compassion than 100 slick speeches read off a teleprompter in my book. One look at Crowley helping his accuser who ripped into him while he calmly did his job as an officer down the steps while BO is completely oblivious to the needs of his friend shows who it is that needs "teaching".

We live in a nation where the 24x7 coverage of everything makes it SEEM like it is "the words that matter", but in fact both individually and as a nation, it is eventually who we ARE that speaks so much more loudly than what we SAY. We have lost sight of that, and unfortunately the vast majority of Americans continue to follow the words of the MSM and charlatans telling them that "it is all someone elses' fault, the rich can bail us out, trust the government not yourselves ...".