Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Greatest Spiritual Secret of the Century

The subject book by Thom Hartmann is actually a lot "better" in that it is fairly well written. Thom took over the mike on Air America from Al Franken and is considered the most influential "progressive" radio host in America. One really should read through the Wikipedia entry for him just to see what sort of nutcases have influence with the left in this country. Thom hasa PHD!! in homeopathic "medicine" -- the "medicine" where one dilutes substances to the level where single molecules or less exist in the "dose". It has been known to be complete quackery for a least 100 years, yet Thom has a "PHD" in it!!!

Among his other wacky beliefs is that John Kennedy was murdered by a trio of mafia dons. There are a couple of quotes from the book that I find to be base concepts of the liberal mind:
"It's not human nature that is broken or sick, it's our culture, which has spread across most all of the world. The culture of domination and conquest. Of the thousands of tribes on earth, only one has gone so insane that they'd lock up food and make people work like slaves to earn it. And that tribe, that culture, is ours".
That "insane tribe" is the US for Thom -- and from looking at a list of his other books and writings, one can pick out that he is CERTAIN that ANYTHING is better than the current US culture!!! One really wishes that Thom could spend a few joyus months in Mogadishu or with some other similar "better tribe".
"... I guess it would mean that I couldn't continue to just get along and go along, to feed the machine of the multinational corporations and the kings and the despots of the world, to be a wage slave. I'd want to find a way to make a living that wasn't toxic to the earch, to other humans, to all life".
There you have it ... why don't we all live in some way that makes zero impact on the planet? Amish maybe? He didn't say HOW -- he just said what needs to be done.

This guy is a best selling author and his radio show took over the slot of a guy that was elected SENATOR !!! He is a radical new age quack and he is the most influential liberal talk show host in America!!!