Saturday, August 22, 2009

Open Conspiracy, Cloward Piven

CHANDLER: The Cloward-Piven strategy - Washington Times

This a good little article that does some "connecting the dots" on ACORN, BO, and Cloward-Piven. I covered Cloward-Piven here. How much is BO following this? One can never tell for sure, but I'm pretty sure he is well aware of it and one of the reasons that he is very cavilier about making policy choices that are highly likely to destroy the fabric of America is because he sees America as basically a "racist, imperialist, war oriented, unfair, bully that has had things going it's way for way too long for a lot of damage to the rest of the world and the environment".

While complete destruction of America and having it "bombed back to the stone age" may not be his specific agenda, he finds the country as he found it to be completely unacceptable -- the TOP priority is "change". The content of that "change" is extremely secondary.

How democratic nations are destroyed is sadly almost too predictable. Sadly, our founders were well aware of this, so VERY explicitly created a nation that WAS NOT a "Democracy", but rather a Representative Republic -- unfortunately, our aristocracy became an elite. Think of the aristocracy as having real skin in the future of the Nation -- wealth, family history, connection and subsctiption to the American ideals. They are examples of "what it means to be an American". If they allow the nation to be destroyed, they lose what they cherish, they are one with the nation, they look to the nation to give them a form of immortality. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton, Franklin -- they were all part of the American aristocracy. If America descends into a tribal third world look alike, those names will be lost to history.

Think of "the elite" as academic, noveau rich, the famous, the chattering classes -- their card is CURRENT  "influence and power". Hitler is still well known and would be even if Germany ceased to exist. It isn't important for Einstein, Gates, Buffet, Michael Jackson or even Thoreau that America continue to exist in any recognizable form -- their names are "world names", like BO, they are "citizens of the world", not primarily "Americans".

So is BO TRYING to "overload and reset"? I don't believe so, but I do believe that he would see that outcome as much more positive than the horror of a largely "unchanged America". He did not run on the greatness of America, he ran on "Hope and Change". While he did very very little to specify what either of those meant, I think we can assume he thought that "hope" was lacking and that things needed to be more different than the same (change). The country had become too democratic, so the masses were taken in by the most dangerous president in US history so far. We are in grave peril.