Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Just take the time to watch it, and THEN give just a TINY bit of thought. This ranks amoung the most AMAZING things I've ever seen!! In some ways I almost hope it is a hoax -- one would think it almost has to be. If it isn't, the level of corruption in the Democrat party and the MSM is WAY beyond anything I ever imagined.

If true (which I find increasingly hard to imagine, but if NOT true, why doesn't someone expose them???to one of the liberal dodges to press bias."They just print what sells". Are you KIDDING!!! We have a cute young woman, scantilly dressed running around looking like the college Halloween party version of Pimp and Hooker, but it is WORKING, over and over with employees of a national organization that has both helped and been paid by the current President!!! BO wanted to have these stooges do the CENSUS for crying out loud. The ONLY sort of legit job that BO ever had was as one of these folks!!!!

You've got sex, scandal, stupidity cubed, connection with the President. This is a GREAT story -- except, except -- well, it is the MSM's guy!!! They can't run this, it makes BO look like the idiot he is. If they could have had something like this connected to Bush, it would have been 24x7 -- "when will he resign"!!!