Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Admonish the Democrats!

The Democrats have gone nuttier than usual.

In the words of our most holy and illustrious leader, BO; "Wiith all that's going on in the country with health care and the economy and the wars abroad, it doesn't make sense to arrest a guy in his own home if he's not causing a serious disturbance."

That was over the Gates arrest, for which it made no sense at all -- it isn't a policeman's job to think about those issues, but it IS the job of congress!! Does it make any sense to take a day of Congressional time to admonish a guy who apologized already? Especially when Bush was booed at a SOTU by the Democrats and called a "liar" CONSTANTLY for saying that Saddam had WMD --- which Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Teddy Kennedy, Harry Reid, and virtually everyone else ALSO said?

We just got done with 6+ years when the MSM and the Democrats succeeded in making "Bush=Liar" essentially the national view over a position that their leadership virtually unanimously shared prior to the Iraq war.

But now when BO spews lies that he MUST know to be lies a mile a minute, it is a HUGE breach of decorum to call him on it? I agree it IS a breach of decorum (in congress) and the ONE Republican that told the truth from the floor OUGHT to have apologized ... which he did.That ought to have MORE than ended it given the past history of the other party.