Tuesday, September 08, 2009


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Isn't this special? Remember back to when Bush and the Republican's were "arrogant" because they managed to pass a few things on a party line vote? Of course they never had even 55 votes in the Senate, so they did MUCH more than "consider" the Democrats else they get stopped with a Fillibuster. Any move the Republicans made that wasn't basically kissing the Democrat minority  boots was "divisive" and "hyperpartisan" and a whole bunch of new words thought up to cover the horror of the MSM's Democrat party not owning a single branch of government. It was the time of boo hoo, boo hoo.

My my, how times have changed. Now it is just fine to "Forget about Republicans". Why Slick Willie, the great triangulator as decreed it!! If the Republicans disagree, they are "insane", "obstructionist", "irrelevant", and whatever other derisive adjective can be conjured at the moment.