Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Blogging BO Address

So why do Democrat Presidents seem to have trouble just getting to a speech on time? Slickster was notorious for it, and now it seems that BO has followed along. Would you be late for a job interview? A meeting with your boss? Whatever the great BO says, his actions speak louder than his words. He simply has no respect for the American people.

Man, the lies are thick and heavy.

  • "Nobody will have to give up what they have". He really can't believe that. Unless you are filthy filthy rich, you can't avoid Medicare. Once the government steps in, every current business providing healthcare is going to step out.
  • "Preventative testing saves money". Preventative testing is a great idea, but it does NOT save money, it costs more. The VAST amount of tests will be NEGATIVE ... which means that they incur a cost, but don't save anything. While SOME set of early detections may well save money, the amount isn't enough to cover the huge percentage that don't.
  • EEK, Does he REALLY believe that a public option can be cheap enough just because there are no profits!!! PROFIT and the attempt to cut costs to make more of it is one of the largest pushes for efficiency. Take it away and let everything go "cost +" and you are going to get a more massive disaster than Medicare!
  • Not one dime to the deficit?? Gee his own CBO says it will cost over $1.6 Trillion extra over the next 10 years. How can you lie like that with a straight face??
  • Gee, I faced a Trillion dollar deficit ... and RAISED it to $1.6 Trillion!!! That is one hell of a performance!!
If this convinces ONE person, the American people are gullible to elect someone with no leadership experience with no plan other than "change" and "yes we can" ... hmmm, on 2nd thought.