Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The BO Shuffle

RealClearPolitics - What Obama Says vs. What He Does

BO has a way with words, that is for sure. It also that the press just finds everything he says to be so doggone wonderful that there is no reason to check any of it.

As this article points out, the massive healthcare makeover that is being rushed with all possible speed won't take effect until 2013, when BO hopes to have been elected to his 2nd term. Why? If it is a really good thing that will save a lot of money and make everyone happy, wouldn't he put it into effect as rapidly as possible? Uh, well, NO!!

BO KNOWS that it is gong to cost WAY more than what we have now -- that is why the CBO projected it as a Trillion dollars over the next 10 years -- but of course they know that is a Trillion for only 2013 on, not '10 on. BO also knows that it is going to be painful -- to the folks that get sick. There is NOTHING  better than the PROMISE of Universal Healthcare to people that are WELL!!! It is like asking you "How good is your fire insurance or your life insurance". It MUST be GREAT!!! ... if you had somehow come to the conclusion that it wasn't you would have gotten a new policy that you THINK is great! Of course, you certainly aren't dead (in which case your heirs would know how good your life insurance REALLY was) and it is pretty darned unlikely that your house just burned.