Friday, September 18, 2009

Carter Racism

Jimmy Carter says that tea baggers hate President Obama because he's black.

America abhors history. No wonder, given how many national crimes are lurking back there. But we’ve arrived at a time when a politician’s refusal to consider the past is a perverse testament to prudent leadership. And as a result, a statement as obvious as Carter’s—that the tea-baggers hate President Barack Obama because he’s black—can be passed off as controversy in 2009.

Yes indeed, America abhors history. Like how about the last 6 years? Did America hate Bush because he was white? How many times was he called liar, Hitler, idot, burned in effigy and generally maligned in every way possible? The left loved to carry a sign that said "A village in Texas is missing it's idiot" -- it was a pure scream. Now though, "A village in Kenya is missing it's idiot" is completely inappropriate. Strange.

For the leftys, the answer is simple -- Bush did everything wrong and BO does everything right. There is no possible reason to dislike BO other than he is black, end of story. The war in Afghanistan was worthy of protest with  Bush in office, now it is fine -- even though it is going far worse under BO's policies. Being left means that ideology is the only answer -- hatred of folks with opposing views is reflexive. True, blacks are hated worse if they are conservative like Clarence Thomas, but leftys can never  be racist. It is righteous to hate conservative views and the idea that blacks would have such views is so abhorrent, they are hated especially badly. Forcing blacks into a standard thought prison isn't racist at all if you are of the left.

So to the left, Carter is right -- criticism of the right is just inherently good. Racism is especially noxious, so hanging that placard on anyone that disagrees with BO is just fine. Everyone is free to agree with the left!!