Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Defining "Community Organizer" (ACORN)

Power Line - My Heroes

You really need to go off and watch at least a little of one of the videos -- remember, your tax dollars are helping fund ACORN!!

We have a "Community Organizer" as President. ACORN is "the Association of Community OrganNizers". Most people know very little about it because the MSM tells them very little about it. They ended up with indictments against them for voter fraud in how they got out the BO vote, they get millions in GOVERNMENT money as well as millions from Democrats. It is a really cozy relationship -- BO wanted them to do the census for him!!

A couple of young folks enterprisingly did a hidden camera operation posing as a pimp and a prostitute trying to get a house -- AFTER the Sub-Prime meltdown. ACORN took it in stride -- no concerns that they were going to import underage prostitutes (hey, 98% of prostitutes vote Democrat!!!), they were just interested in how they could scam the system in order to get a house! BTW, ACORN was a MAJOR part of creating the Sub-Prime debacle.

Don't see much MSM coverage of this!!!