Saturday, September 05, 2009

I Pledge Allegiance to BO

Many conservatives enraged over Obama school speech -

One can read this fine CNN article top to bottom and come to the conclusion that they would like you to "conservative opposition to BO is nuts". Maybe so, I'm not going to say that I'm unbiased, but I always like to ask myself a question that I really think CNN and their liberal buddies ought to consider.

What if it was Bush?

How would you feel then? The same? or different? Why? Would THAT be "nuts"? ... and of course I understand that many on the left are going to say that is COMPLETELY different, because BO is great, Bush was all wrong and evil to boot, and naturally anyone stupid enough to vote for Bush is BOTH stupid and nuts! That is why America is (was?) such a great country -- wildly divergent opinions got aired and people were able to compare reality to those opinions. We beleive (ed) in "principles not people".

Apparently, many classrooms intended to show the video that I embedded below. While some of the symbolsm might border on the spooky, it is mostly bubble gum grade propaganda about stupid stuff "I Pledge" ... to be nice to old ladies, shut off lights, study hard, etc ... but at the end, they "Pledge Allegiance to Barack" ... to the President". Now, go look in the mirror, and say "A YouTube Video of Bush supporters saying that they pledged allegiance to Bush that was directed at school kids by using stars that appeal to them would NOT have gotten liberals up in arms" (independent of trying to combine it with a message to school children). Look yourself in the mirror and then think about where you think the media in this country is at left or right??

"I Pledge Allegiance to George Bush" -- for kids. Think about it, and then read the CNN article. Could you pry them off the ceiling? I doubt it. Frankly, it creeps me out about 98% as much to hear "Bush" as it does "I Pledge Allegiance to Barack". Which country is this? Demi Moore and Ashton Kucher may be idiots, but they are well known idiots -- this isn't some "right wing militia" or "Marxist zombies". Frankly, I have an awfully hard time understanding how one can be American at all and not be somewhat concerned about this.