Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Van Jones Who? Truthers

Why did the press ignore the Van Jones scandal? | Washington Examiner

After a rather long break, BO has thrown another victim under the bus -- to keep Jerimiah Wrght, Tom Daschle, the whole Anti-War movement and a quite a few others company I suppose. If you are no longer useful to BO, you get to be thrown under there right away!! Nobody is ever going to accuse BO of being "too loyal".

The press never saw fit to publish the reason that Jones ended up there, so many folks are confused. It isn't because he called Republicans "A**holes". It is because he is a a "Truther", one of those many lefties that feels that 9-11 was "an inside job" -- created and executed by the evil Bush Administration.

One would think that such people would be certifiably insane, and I'd tend to be on your side --  but the fact is that as many as 20% of the Democrat party at least "wonder" on the "inside job" issue. Not surprisingly, the MSM tends to not like to talk about this very much -- and the fact that BO would think it a reasonable idea to have a  Truther as a "Czar" kind of boggles the mind.

Now the right has it's "Birthers" who wonder if BO is really a US citizen. While I don't subscribe to their concerns, I find it somewhat more rational a question if a man that we KNOW had a Kenyan father that was NOT a US citizen met the requirements of being born here. Last I checked, the number of Presidents that we have had anytime in the last 100 years that didn't have both parents be US citizens is very low (zero I believe). I think it is a bit easier to imagine how someone MIGHT have a birth in Kenya and decide to get to the US quickly to gather the benefits of US citizenship, rather than postulate how and why a US President would engineer a set of attacks on his own nation, and how such a conspiracy would be kept secret.

Again, I'm not a "Birther" --- I just find it very odd how really really unhinged the media finds them to be, but somehow thinks that the "Truther" idea is "sort of reasonable by comparison". But, I'm sure I only think that way due to the horror of conservative bias.