Thursday, October 01, 2009

Infant Mortality

Ann Coulter : A Statistical Analysis of Maritime Unemployment Rates, 1946-1948. Just Kidding, More Liberal Lies About National Healthcare! -

Ann does a great job of destroying the liberal shibboleth that "America has a poor infant mortality rate". Essentially it boils down to these basic facts:
  • Most countries don't count premature births below a certain weight, or in many cases even babies that live less than a day as "births" -- they call them "miscarriages".
  • Most infant problems are lifestyle problems, not medical problems -- smoking, drinking and drugging mothers. Teen mothers. The US leads in all these categories, THANKS LIBERALS!
  • Blacks have bad infant mortality rates and nobody really knows why.
The fact that it is the US that keeps pushing the envelope on saving premature babies earlier and earlier in fact ADDS to what the liberals refer to as our "infant mortality problem". By working harder to keep these tiny babies alive and counting them as "infant deaths", we end up looking worse in global statistics.

Imagine how quickly our infant morality rates would "improve" if ONLY we got "universal healthcare". Any baby that dies less than a day after birth is a "miscarriage". Why bother to try to save premature "babies"? It seems kind of weird that a nation that allows them to be partially birthed and have their brains sucked out to kill them in partial birth abortion would spend all that money trying to save them -- let them die and count them as miscarriages! Brilliant -- saves money, gives us better statistics, AND makes us more "morally consistent".