Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Left View of BO Fox Attack

Fox News -

I like to read both sides. The defense is essentially:

  • Fox news really IS biased -- with a list of folks that work there that have connections to Republicans. What isn't mentioned is that in poll after poll 90+ % of the mass media are Democrats and many people in the current MSM once worked for Democrats. Whose kettle is the most black? It is very hard to tell, but since Fox stands pretty much alone on the conservative side other than talk radio, it isn't hard to see how they may have some degree of a "bunker mentality".
  • Nixon was a lot worse than BO. Probably true -- I really think Hitler was a lot worse than W as well, but that didn't stop a lot of people from trying to make the association. I'd like to think that given the CONTEXT, where Nixon had essentially zero media friends and BO has a bunch, Nixon had very little party power in congress and BO has a bunch, Nixon inherited a war in which 10's of thousands had died and we had 500K in the field, while BO inherited 2 wars which we were winning, and are still winning on one of them --- etc, etc. The point is, Nixon had it just a teeny weeny bit tougher than BO. I don't recall multiple assassinations and riots last year as I do from '68. Watergate and the enemies list also didn't occurr in Nixon's first year of his first term -- BO is in a different time when I think we all thought that anything like the Fox attacks was past us, he has near absolute media power, wanting to get to absolute power ought given any thinking person pause and last I recall, Nixon didn't run as "the messiah of openness and light". Given CONTEXT, I find the BO-Nixon comparison to have far more merit as something to consider relative to a "dangerous direction"  than W-Hitler. Hey, Bush didn't even had a symbol -- BO does. The swastika wasn't bad prior to Hitler -- what might the future of the "rainbow O" be?
It is interesting to watch a far left outlet rise up in defense of attacks on a free press. When your guy is in power and your ethics are all situational by design, the world looks MUCH different.