Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rules For Radicals

"A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals", by Saul Alinsky.

This book is considered the "bible" for the Community Organizer, which is of course the only non-governmental position of any stature ever held by BO, and has been regularly in the news with the ACORN scandals.

The book is quite well written and very (surprisingly) honest. Alinsky is not only highly intelligent, but I'd assert he portrays the outlook of the modern "liberal" as directly and well as anyone that I have read. The key points here are PRAGMATIC and REALISTIC -- while many liberals (Lakoff being a great example) are highly intelligent, they often never get down to what it is that they are really trying to get done and how they are going to accomplish it. Alinsky does, and everyone that doesn't share the liberal class warfare view ought to be warned through actually reading this.

Everyone that believes they do share the lefty view would be well served to get down to brass tacks and understand what it is that they are signing up for!

Page 31, last paragraph:
Those that would be critical of the ethics of Lincoln's reversal of positions have a strangely unreal picture of static unchanging world, where one remains firm and committed to certain so-called principles or positions. In the politics of human life, consistency is not a virtue.
There, stated with clarity is what I have long observed as the only core and unchanging liberal position. "Consistency is not a virtue". In fact, I'd argue that it isn't even "an issue" -- their view of reality is such that it is a concept that simply doesn't register. Before you sign up, realize that true "liberals" and "progressives" eschew any idea of fixed thought on anything but what they want --**power**!!!  EVERYTHING else is completely fungible if it leads to a centralized totalitarian state where they have total and absolute control. "Women's rights", "Income Equality", "Climate Change' ...  all just means to the end of totalitarian control.

The second element of liberalism that I believe this book shows with clarity is that of "ends and means" -- we often know the CLAIMED ends of liberals. "Peace, harmony, removal of want, dignity for all, equality of everything, etc", but what they are often lacking in just what MEANS must be employed to achieve their goals. Not Alinsky. Page 142 and 143 cover a good example of a tactic he was extremely proud of, although just the threat got what he wanted. The "shit in".

I'm not going to quote a lot, essentially it is the realization that when people get off a plane, they often have to use the restroom. So Alinsky and company had a plan to have blacks fill all the stalls at all the bathrooms at O'Hare and then have a set of roving black men to fill the urinals in the area of the airport where flights were coming in. Here he is enjoying what this would entail:
One can see children yelling at their parents, "Mommy I've got to go", and desperate mothers surrendering, "All right then, Do it right here". O'Hare would soon become a shambles.
It turned out that this tactic was "leaked" (and Alinsky takes great joy in that "Freudian slip"), so the Alisky demands were given in to without them having to actually use this, but the willingness was completely not in question.

The need for use of bathroom facilities for ourselves and our children is something that humanity all shares. I remind you that this book is THE BIBLE for Community organizers!! They, and our current president see Saul Alinsky as a GREAT MAN! I'd say there is a good deal of difference between the founder of Christianity, Jesus, healing and holding the children and feeding the masses, and the founder of ACORN and BOism taking glee in the denial of the most basic of human needs to children. Not really surprising if you see no problem with killing them in their mothers womb I guess.

That is because I foolishly believe in a level of morality that transcends simply getting what I want through taking it from others by any means  -- and often find it hard to believe that there are those like Alinsky and his acolytes, Hildebeast and BO, that do not share that form of morality.

Page 43, near the bottom.
Moral rationalization is indispensable at all times of action whether to justify the selection of the use of ends or means. Machiavelli's blindness to the necessity for moral clothing to all actions and motives -- he said "politics has no relation to morals"--was his major weakness.

All great leaders, including Churchill, Gandhi, Lincoln and Jefferson, always invoked "moral principles" to cover naked self-interest in the clothing of "freedom" "equality" of mankind, "a law higher than man-made law", and so on. This even held under circumstances of national crisis when it was universally assumed that the end justified any means. All effective actions require the passport of morality.
More accurately than "the passport of morality" would be the "cloak of morality". As you read Alinsky, you realize that the ends always justify the means!

Why does "liberalism" (certainly the theft of this term from those who believe in actual human liberty and dignity ought to be abhorrent to any reader of this blog by now!) still live on? Because when you couple "consistency is not a virtue" with joy at the prospect of the most basic denial of human dignity to even children, with the underlying essence that there IS NO MORALITY, yet one must "fake it for the masses", you have something "powerful". (as one often says of BO, "powerful, but power isn't everything"!)

In reading this book, I'm reminded of Luke's question to Yoda in Star Wars, "Is the Dark Side stronger?". Yoda says "no", but one wonders. In this universe, those that believe are assured that Christ is already victorious, but day to day I find that question is always a challenge to my faith.

Page 194:
The middle classes are numbed, bewildered, scared into silence. They don't know what, if anything, they can do. This is the job for today's radical-- to fan the embers of hopelessness into a flame to fight. To say, "You cannot cop out as have many of my generation!" "You cannot turn away--look at it--let us change it together!". ...

It is a job first of bringing hope and doing what every organizer must do with all people, all classes, places and times --communicate the means or tactics whereby the people can feel that they have the power to do this and that and on.
Hope and change, for "this and that and on". What is the "it" that is being changed? To the organizer , it doesn't really matter -- the system, the corporation, capitalism, America, the Constitution, society, white folks thinking,  ending Christianity --- "hope, change and action", that is what is important. Revolution, movement, CHANGE!! This was written in 1971, but until the US has becomes a totalitarian leftist state, the battle cry will be the same. BO is just more direct about it than recent liberals.

I could go on and on. He does actually cover "the rules", there are like 12 of them. I love the 5th rule -- "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule."

I strongly suspect that many of our media friends are well aware of this one. Immediately during the Bush administration from the media to the late night talk shows, the ridicule of Bush and Cheney became universal. Sometimes it had some basis in truth, most times it was simply a caricature that was used to denigrate them. It worked extremely well with 80%+ of the population, the dark side IS very strong at a minimum.

Note the difference with BO. It is HARD to find him being ridiculed -- in fact, based on the most recent "hate speech" bill signed into law, is it even LEGAL to ridicule him? He is a black man after all. We know that BO read and used the tactics in this book with regularity. He venerated Alinsky. Is it out of character for him to limit speech such that one of the tactics that he knows like a Christian knows Prayer would be illegal to be used against him?

READ THIS BOOK!!! If you are a "liberal" read it and decide if the tenets laid out here are really what you have in mind. Don't believe me on how important this book is to your own movement. LOOK IT UP YOURSELF!!! This is the BIBLE of our current "messiah" BO! This book is dedicated to Lucifer -- are you?

If you consider yourself conservative, moderate or Christian (and note, in reading this book, there is NO WAY that any Christian can be a Community Organizer and venerate Saul Alinsky), then READ IT to know your enemy!

We are in grave danger.