Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wave of the Future?

Op-Ed Contributor - Why Arrest Roman Polanski Now? - NYTimes.com

"Progressivism" always requires "progress", so when there has been a major piece of "progress" in an area, one needs to look out for the next move. We seem to have defacto allowed gay marriage at this point, so while there will still be some "victories" to be had in that area, it is time for the progressives to start staking out the next goal in the "progress" of sexual "freedom".

My suspicion as long been that it will be in the area of sexual exploitation of children. Like homosexuality it has a long history of acceptance, with the Greeks and the Romans being prime examples. It also has a long history in literature and art "Lolita" and "American Beauty" come to immediate mind -- I'm sure the list is VERY long. How many rock songs have something about "little girl"? Most pedophiles, like homosexuals would say "they are born that way" -- and I'm sure they are at least somewhat right. Humans are born with all manner of desires that need to be trained away, transferred to something acceptable, dealt with "day by day with the help of a higher power" (like AA) or simply managed in the old fashioned will power way. While progressives have believe in the deity of man, and thus seek to remove all fetters, the obvious truth is that the only angels that humans resemble serve a master in a very dark yet fiery place.

What age will be pushed as "consensual"? Something in the 12 or thirteen age wouldn't be a bad guess.

Why are we supposed to care so deeply about Roman Polanski? Would the MSM and Hollywood view be the same if he were a Priest? How about an ex-Republican politician that had fled the country?  How long do you have to think to come up with that answer?

Remember, the linked article isn't in some strange Bohemian rag -- it is the NYT, "The paper of record". The mainstream left is working hard to let everyone see that "see, sex with a 13 year old girl is REALLY not so bad -- she turned out fine!". What do YOU think their purposes for such a position are?