Friday, November 13, 2009

BO's 4 Options

Sounds like BO is having a heck of a time figuring out what to do in Afghanistan. Here are the options he must decide between:

  1. Immediate unconditional cut and run
  2. Small troop buildup for cover, cut and run when enough of those die to call it hopeless
  3. Lots of talking / apologizing to NATO allies, begging for help, cut and run when they don't give enough.
  4. Declare big "mission change", maybe move some troops around, give some speeches, then cut and run in a controlled fashion and declare victory.
Sounds like BO is really stressed about all these big decisions. He has to get back to throwing some more staff under the bus for the fact he can't get Gitmo closed, and has to start picking out some sacrificial lambs to throw under there because the stimulus is a failure and the dollar is going down like a neutron balloon in a black hole.

Remember when BO was going to follow Bin Ladin all the way to his hole in Pakistan? It only it were true -- and he would just crawl in there with him, it could save us TRILLIONS of dollars and millions of jobs!