Monday, January 11, 2010

PC Police As Political Force -- and Farce

Power Line - Race and Racism: What's the Connection?

Assertion #1: Race, Sexual Harassment, and Hate Crimes are all "crimes" that need no evidence, not corroboration, and are 100% in the eye of the "victim". Any male is only free of having a criminal record today by the grace of no woman having taken the time to say "he inappropriately touched me". If a woman is willing to make this assertion, even with no evidence or other corroboration, all it takes for a male to be a "criminal" is her word in court.

Assertion #2: At the political level, these "crimes" have become a simple way to "purge the undesirables", meaning Republicans. Since the "crime" is controlled by the "victim" rather than the state, the "victim" can decide to provided forgiveness and thus absolution to the supposed "perpetrator", because they "know their heart".

The specific link is to BO accepting the apology of Harry Reid, but Slick Willie and Monica Lewinski is another example. What Harry Reid said was not in my opinion racist at all, but neither was what Trent Lott said. What Harry said is something that BO said in his own book -- he is light skinned and able to talk without a  "black accent" -- he said it himself, and it has the advantage of being true.

What Lott said is only racist if you assume the worst and are certain you know his heart -- the actual words had no racist content at all. The old coot Thurmond ran for President a long time ago, Lott just said "we'd probably be better off if he had won" -- most likely appropo of nothing at all, other than humoring an old man at his birthday. To make it racist, you would have to ASSSUME that what he was refering to was the racial aspects Thurmond's candidacy -- which is a pretty big assumption.

Never the less, Lott lost his position in the Senate, and Reid got an apology accepted and that is the end of it. Naturally, Lott's heart was deemed wrong" -- he is a Republican after all. The party of Lincoln, vs a Democrat -- the party of George Wallace, Robert Byrd ( recruiter for the KKK), and thousands of politicians that supported Jim Crow for 100 years and fillibustered the voting rights act in the Senate while a majority of Republicans voted for it.

We have handed "minorities" (even those that are a MAJORITY (females)) social power that is used to enforce a set of beliefs about the "hearts" of leaders and the ma in the street. The "heart" of a country that stoops this low is stained to a black that contains no light at all.