Monday, February 01, 2010

Michele Bachmann Town Hall

Saw US Reps Michele Bachmann and Michael Burgess today at a fund raiser followed by a Town Hall, all for Allan Quist. Burgess is a Dr from TX and had a real handle on health care, Congress and a whole lot of everything. Michele is vivacious and obviously passionate about her family, MN, and the country. While a less organized speaker, she has "sizzle".

Interesting to note she has raised 5 kids of her own plus helped to care for 23 foster children. Had lunch with a banker at our table, and unlike what the MSM or BO might tell you, neither he nor Michelle displayed either horns nor a tail. The banker said that he disguised his tail as a belt ;-)


  1. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Did Bachmann talk about her quarter-million-dollar farm subsidies her family farm has hauled in?

  2. I assume you mean the family farm owned by her father in law? Your assertion being that (assuming you are married) it is reasonable that you would be held responsible for the past actions of your father in law?

    Liberals have very high standards, that is why I'm a conservative, I just can't match the majesty of liberal ethical practice.