Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Palm vs Prompter

'Palm-gate' proves centrists' Palin doubts - CNN.com

I understand that consistency is not an issue for the left -- so it is OK for them to be fine with BO using a teleprompter to say hello. Apparently though, the assumption is that even it is OK for them to have no consistency at all, they assume that moderates are OK as well with BO using a teleprompter to say hello, but are going to be turned off by Palin writing on her palm?

Oh wait, maybe it is the fact that she wrote on her palm, but made fun of BO for using a teleprompter? That must be it ... but BO made a HUGE deal about campaign finance, then bypassed the whole apparatus and raised over $500M for the presidential race alone. It must be that they assume that given the bias in the media, most independents were not aware of the BO hypocrisy, but will have the Palin version rubbed in their faces enough to be turned off by it.

Something like this must explain it. 

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