Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Gun Insanity

Supreme Court to address limits of gun control - CNN.com

One definition of insanity is not being in touch with reality.

Chicago passed its ban on handguns in 1982, one of the most restrictive in the U.S. It is that law that is being challenged in the Supreme Court.

A study last year by economist Carl Moody of William & Mary College found that after the ban was imposed, city crime rates rose significantly, almost immediately. The city is more dangerous now than it was before the ban, the study concluded, relative to the 24 largest American cities.

Chicago passed a ban in '82 and crime rates ROSE. GUNS ARE BANNED IN CHICAGO!!!! When guns are banned, criminals have MORE reason to use a gun, it gives them greater leverage. What part of this is hard to understand?

This 53-year-old mother of eight says the city has to do something to stop the fear and pain of the violence. "We have enough guns in our communities already, you know, that we're afraid of, and now we've got to worry about everybody living next door to each other with guns and more guns" if the ban is repealed. "Our children are traumatized by the violence, and it's mostly gun violence."

So, here we have a woman who knows the situation today with guns banned is WORSE than in communities where they are not banned. She knows that there are plenty of guns in Chicago, because if you are a criminal, you do crime -- a "ban" doesn't apply to you, it applies to law abiding citizens. So the criminals have guns and the law abiding citizens do not, unsurprisingly, the criminals increasingly make use of that advantage.

BUT, she believes that removing a ban which made crime worse is going to make crime worse yet again. What will make it better? She doesn't know. Insanity?

BTW, if there is a question on the constitution applying to states, then what about abortion? Roe V Wade at the Federal level ought to have only applied to DC.

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