Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Left Starts to Worry

My Inflation Nightmare - Magazine - The Atlantic

Kinsley is a liberal in good standing -- writing for the Atlantic these days, formerly the leftward foil for such right wing heavies as none other than William F Buckley himself, and that morose paleoconservative, Patrick Buchanan.

Naturally is is "all Bush and the Republican's fault", but he is a bit concerned about inflation. Golly, can't we just run multi-Trillion dollar deficits forever as long as we have a liberal president? Maybe Kinsley actually doesn't like the idea of 30 or 40 years of life savings suddenly being barely able to buy a decent meal.

Sounds like an alarmist to me -- seems like one ought listen to Paul Krugman, he has a Nobel prize, saw deficits as a severe danger under Bush, but now they are no problem  at all, and in fact we need more. Paul must be on to something -- I imagine the universe is simply ideological. Makes sense to me.

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