Friday, April 16, 2010

Reporting On Concerned Americans

Experts: Angry rhetoric protected, but can be disturbing -

Remember when anyone that wanted to protest anything about our troops in Afghanistan or Iraq was a "courageous voice standing up for what they believed in"? Remember when we got to hear over and over how "Bush's Wars were unfunded"? Remember "Code Pink" demonstrators being dragged out of the Republican National Convention on live TV during McCain's acceptance speech screaming hateful things about him being a "killer" at the top of their lungs?

The  MSM never reminded us that these things were "protected", because nobody in the MSM found them to be "disturbing" in the least. Last night I went to a Tea Party with around a thousand local men, women and children. The speeches often focused on how radically the deficits have skyrocketed in the last year -- 4-5x as high as in any previous administration. If you are speeding by 15MPH, that is fast, speeding by 60-80MPH, going 120-140MPH is completely different. 15MPH over is being in a big hurry, 70MPH over is a felony.

No doubt millions of folks nationwide did what I did. Went out because we now know for certain what we have really known for a long time. The entitlement society that has been created is unaffordable and we have just added a huge new entitlement that we can't afford. In a free country, people taking enough interest to stand up and  be noticed, extremely peacefully, is positive. What is actually quite dangerous and disturbing is to see the MSM treating that negatively as they possibly can without recognizing what really can't be denied as very legitimate concerns financially, independent of if you are in agreement of the direction or not. Caring so much we write bad checks isn't really helping anyone.

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