Thursday, May 27, 2010

Expert Blamestress

Amy Klobuchar: Blame spreads with oily mess | StarTribune.
At hearings of both the Senate Environment and Commerce Committees, on which I serve, we listened to the leaders of BP, Transocean and Halliburton explain how each of their companies may not have been at fault for the disaster. Their evasive testimony reminded me of kids who knock a baseball through the neighbor's window and won't own up to their actions.
Isn't that refreshing? Clearly, big oil is to blame.They are immature to boot ... just ask Amy.
First, there needs to be a thorough investigation of this disaster. I support the creation of an independent commission, similar to the commissions that investigated the Three Mile Island and Space Shuttle Challenger disasters.
Talk about adult and courageous, Amy has gone out on a limb and suggested "an independent commission". Wow.We ought to be writing a new "Profiles in Courage" ... or potentially, "See How UN-childlike I am".
Second, the parties responsible must be held accountable. They must pay for the damage they have wrought instead of trying to put it on the backs of taxpayers in Minnesota and other states.
Oh, yea, "accountability" ... that is a cool thing. I wonder when it will actually be that a Democrat is ever "accountable" for anything? As near as I can see, "never" would be a darned good estimate. 
Third, we need to put an end to the cozy relationship between the oil industry and the federal agency that was supposed to be the public's watchdog.
What you mean "we" Senator? Now lets see, "we" elected full Democrats to the House and Senate in '06, and in '08 we elected a Democrat President to boot -- as I recall, he was the really really special "walks on water" sort. So did "we" just get official confirmation from Amy that Democrats are NEVER responsible? BO took more corporate money than any other candidate in history. Isn't there SOME point at which it might be DEMOCRATS that have to DO something about "cozy relationships"? ... nope.

Let's face it Amy, if a Republican were in the WH Amy would be screaming high and low that THEY were responsible for this mess! Oh my GOD, how awful would it be that THEY had "allowed this horrible DISASTER to go on for over a month". No doubt Republican competence would be lower than deep sea oil sludge. Oh sure, Amy would also want her pound of flesh from the folks that provide the oil to power her plane trips to and from Washington, to heat her huge home in chilly MN in the winter and cool it in the summer, and even power the computer that she typed her diatribe on. Other political parties, people that actually DO ANYTHING, they are "like kids that broke a window".

What is Amy like?

Let's face it. "SH*T happens -- at least when people **DO** anything. Did BP or anyone else want to lose a 1/2 Billion dollar rig and 11 lives?? Might that oil might have been more profitable going into one of their tankers than into the gulf? Might it not be good to learn that even with brilliant and mature Democrats like Amy in Congress and the Royal BO in the WH spending Trillions he doesn't have, blathering from a teleprompter every day, passing new laws, regulations and who knows what, sh*t STILL happens.

The only difference now is that less of everything happens, it is all more costly, and Amy and the MSM are confused about who could possibly be to blame when it STILL happens. What a pity, they used to be so completely certain.

Hopefully, come November, We The People can at least solve THAT issue for them!

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