Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In Muted Questioning of BO

Obama should take charge of cleanup in the Gulf - The Boston Globe

Hey, a Boston paper stating mildly what would have been a drumbeat a month ago if a Republican was in the WH. Let's consider obvious realities for a minute:
  • BO called for more drilling a couple weeks prior to the accident. I know, he wasn't really serious, but he DID say it -- were he a Republican, that alone would have been enough for the media to go ballistic on the "stupidity" of the administration. Do I agree? No -- news at 11, we need oil. Disasters ... natural and human caused are ALWAYS going to be part of our existence, no matter who is in power. The point is that the MSM would have ZERO consideration of that with a Republican in power.
  • Think back to Katrina. Katrina was fall of '05, an there was a MAJOR media effort to wipe out the Bush presidency and the Republican Congress. If we had "media parity", BO and the Dem congress would be toast based on this spill alone. I hate to break new news to most liberals, but Katrina wasn't human caused, and the City or New Orleans and the state of LA were the first line of defense for hurricane response -- just as much as BP is in charge of handling the early stages of the spill. It might be shocking, but Bush didn't even call for more Cat 5 storms to hit cities below sea level a couple weeks before Katrina! His response to the unbelievably incompetent response of NO and LA wasn't even slow -- in fact, he overstepped his authority to send in the guard without a request from the LA governor -- the only actual impeachable offense of his presidency. 
  • CAN the government do anything here? Who knows -- in general, government is less capable than the private sector, but we do have the military, NASA, and a few other examples of "reasonable competence". The point is that the media deciding on a scapegoat and just piling on has nothing at all to do with actual facts. It may STILL not be possible for BO to fully dodge this even with the lapdog liberal press. He is sitting in the big chair -- like it or not, the buck tends to stop there, and this spill is a bad thing. People expect presidents to protect them from "bad things" -- how much actual power and capability the president has to actually carry that out is beside the point. The way the game is played though is that EVERY attempt is made to NOT stick a Democrat with "bad stuff" ... Oklahoma Bombing, 1st WTC bombing, Kovar Towers, USS Cole, Waco, Ruby Ridge, market crash of '00 ... all under Billy C. To hear the media, one would think that all he single handedly did in his administration was balance the budget -- what isn't reported is that he was drug kicking, screaming, and ordering pizza and BJs in the Oval Office due to to "painful cuts" that made that possible. 
Well, at least SOME people are starting to wonder if the great and powerful BO who promised to stop the rise of the oceans, heal the world economy and bring peace in our time can't plug one silly old oil well, what the heck is up? I thought he was "Super BO"???

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