Friday, May 28, 2010

Poor Enough to Learn?

We’re too broke to be this stupid - Mark Steyn, Opinion -

This is a great column, just read it. What we see increasingly every day is that we are very very stupid, but most American's don't quite understand that they are no longer rich. A decent amount of stupidity for the rich is like any other luxury for the rich -- you can get away with it. We used to be a rich country. Europe used to be rich. We got too stupid, and we got poor in a hurry.

You can drink "too much" to the tune of 10 to even 20% for quite some time and be OK, you can speed to around that tune for a good long time without a ticket. Start drinking too much to the tune of 1-2x the limits, or speeding at 1-2x the legal limit, and things go bad in a hurry.

Thus, the lesson for the stupid -- deficits that were 10-20% were "bad" -- of course, the stupid were EXTREMELY bent out of shape about those. They didn't like the spender in chief!  Now the deficits are 3-4X what they were! You drink like that, you die. You speed like that, you either die or go to the slammer  --- news at 11, the same thing is true of spending!

Here is the end of the article ... it is short, well written and very important. Just read it and skip the tease.
The green jobs, the gay parades, the jihadist welfare queens, the Greek public sector unions, all have to be paid for by a shrinking base of contributing workers whose children and grandchildren will lead poorer and meaner lives because of the fecklessness of government. The social compact of the postwar era cannot hold. Across the developed world, a beleaguered middle class is beginning to understand that it’s no longer that rich. At some point, it will look at the sheer waste of government spending, the other shoe will drop, and it will decide that it no longer wishes to be that stupid.

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