Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rich Deoderant For BO

Op-Ed Columnist - Obama’s Katrina? Maybe Worse -

Deoderant is another one of those human things that is "better than the alternative". Rich is trying hard to cover of the last few months and especially last weeks stench of BO that has gotten bad enough to cause even if his best left buddies if some of this problem is more serious than a few skipped showers and rancid workout wear. Perhaps there is something actually rotten emanating from their beloved BO.

There isn't anything worth really commenting on here than to to realize that poor Rich is trying hard to convince himself that BO really really MUST be more competent than Bush, and even though it looks dark right now, certainly Bush HAD to be more incompetent on Katrina than BO on Deepwater Horizon!

Apparently not convinced of his stench covering, he brings in a parade of those noxious Republicans that he and his readers hate to much for scary cameos .... Palin, Gingerich, Cheney, Glenn Beck, "creationists", Tea Partiers. From a left wingers view, it must be a fetid stew of infamy working hard to remove that hanging cloud of rancid BO left after the Thursday press conference, the Dr Spock beach party in Louisiana, and the High Schoolish attempt to use Slick Willie as a lying "human shield" for the Sestak cover-up.

Life is tough when you put a Chicago political hack that reads what he thinks off a teleprompter in the WH and then set expectations somewhere around Lincoln.

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