Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Tougher Lefty World

Why Did North Korea Do It? | Mother Jones

I've been noticing that the left seems a bit confused lately. Just a couple years ago, the answers would have been simple:
  1. To show the arrogant Bush that they are not impressed  by him.
  2. Because of the incompetence / irrelevance of the Bush administration policies
  3. Because Bush as turned his back on the rest of the world with his stupid focus on Iraq
  4. ... and on and on
In summary, it would have been "Bush's fault". The MSM is so confused, it is hard for them to even report on things like the N Koreans torpedoing a S Korean ship. Just a couple of years ago, this would have been a "clear case" that "proved" something negative about the Bush Administration, now they are just confused.

One of the huge problems with the "consistency is not an issue" position of the left is that these sorts of great learning opportunities are bypassed. Could it be that N Korea is just an isolated country with a few generations of nutcase leadership that does a lot of unpredictable things? Maybe not everyone responds the same to the brilliantly smooth rhetoric of BO. One might even start to realize that there is much more to "leadership" than "reads well off a teleprompter" -- oh wait, that would probably be WAY too much of a learning experience, but one can always wish!

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