Friday, June 25, 2010

BO Screams In Praise of Bush

Charles Krauthammer - Afghanistan: The 7/11 problem

Actions speak much louder than words.

Great article by Charles.

Remember "General Betray Us"? Hill-Billy once said you had to "suspend disbelief" in order to listen to his reporting on the surge. BO sat on his hands rather than repudiate the shameful Ad with most of the Senate. How the slimy have slithered.

Now they are staking the future of what THEY declared to be the "must win war" on the capability of Bush's general. Yes, that supposedly incompetent previous President, the one that looks much smarter as BO keeps stinking up the place. BO's hand picked golden boy, General  McCrystal? Summarily discharged for insufficient BO worship.

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