Thursday, June 10, 2010

Death To Israel and America | BlogCentral | Double Standard Watch | Singling out Israel for 'international investigation'
In a world in which North Korea sinks a South Korean naval vessel killing dozens, Iran arms Islamic terrorists, who kill hundreds, Russia bombs Chechnya, killing thousands, and the United States and Great Britain, while targeting al Qaida and Taliban, kill an indeterminate number of civilians, only Israel is subjected to international "investigations" such as that conducted by Richard Goldstone and that being called for by the Security Council in the wake of the recent flotilla fiasco.
I like the contrast with North Korea torpedoing the naval vessel. If North Korea nukes somebody (or Iran for that matter), I'm sure that some on the left will feel bad (maybe depending on who gets nuked?), but the left won't hate North Korea. North Korea is a communist wacko nation that hates the US. From the point of view of the MSM and the left,  "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

Similarly Iran and radical Islam. They are anti-American, much like BO, so while they may not always be perfect, they remain enemies of the US, and as a bonus, Christians and Jews to boot. True, the far left doesn't like any sort of religion, but being anti-American trumps even being rather extreme in your religious practices -- plus that bonus of hating Jews and Christians. The American left elite has a soft spot for radical Islam dating back from the dawn of Arafat at least.

Naturally, as a right wing Christian myself, the prophetic statements on the hatred of the Jews and Christians are too much to ignore. Nearly a complete lack of concern over North Korea torpedoing a naval ship, regular invitations for Iran's "I'm a Dinner Jacket" to speak to "get his message out" (how long can it take to say "Death to Israel, Death to America"?). One can almost hear the cackle and smell the brimstone as the left blindly fulfills prophecy.

Man was made to serve. Nobody has "their own life" -- God or Satan, choose your master.

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