Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Lefty's Seeing Crisis

Op-Ed Columnist - ‘A Very Deep Hole’ on Jobs - NYTimes.com

Somehow, the combination of millions of gallons of oil blowing into the Gulf for over a month, plus BO taking a very sanguine attitude on a May jobs report that was an unmitigated disaster has even the loony left in unusual shouting range of some limited reality. Maybe BO really has at least one positive effect?

The jobs report for May, released on Friday by the Labor Department, was grim. President Obama tried to put the best face on it, but it was undeniably bad news, which is why the stock markets tanked. The private sector created just 41,000 jobs in May, a dismal performance. The government hired 411,000 workers to help with the census, but those jobs are temporary and will vanish in a few months.

Do you think that 411K out of the 450K "new jobs" being temporary census jobs MIGHT be kinda bad news? What is even worse news is that unless you are a real news hound, what you probably heard was:

Unemployment is crushing families and stifling the prospects of young people. Given that reality, President Obama’s take on the May numbers seemed oddly out of touch. “This report,” he said, “is a sign that our economy is getting stronger by the day.”

I guess from Herbert's POV, the "out of touch" is "oddly" -- from those that are a bit more reality based, Bob and BO are both normally so far in la la land that communication is difficult. 

Herbert of course can't figure out any way to improve the situation than what the Democrats have been on since '07 ... pass a lot of money from investors to people that don't invest, mess around with a lot of government regulation, name calling of business and the rich, prop up failing union enterprises and keep your unions voting for you, etc. The lefties figure we need a lot more of what they have been doing for going on 4 years now with the predictable bad results.

But, they at least seem to be very slowly realizing that it is not working. Sadly, I don't think their brains are flexible enough to see that pumping water into a sinking boat just makes it sink faster.

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