Tuesday, June 08, 2010

MSM Hopeful for Democrats

The Dems’ Plan to Hold Congress - Newsweek

It is great to see the MSM wing of the DNC working for their candidates, and to watch the contrast from how they think of the evil Republicans. Here we talk about David Plouffe, a BO political operative, and the discussion is glowing. Remember the evil of Karl Rove and the religious right?

I find the following particularly touching. Folks like ACORN turned out 15 million votes that had never voted -- we know now that was because many of them never existed, weren't legal voters or were simply sitting somewhere and were not going to vote (home bound, nursing home, cemetery plot, etc). In true Democrat tradition, as long as you vote Democrat, the "sacred right to vote" extends to the dead, the felon, the illegal alien, or the alternate spelling ... no reason that WF Berg, Bill Berg,  B F Berg, William Berg, William F Berg and a few others ... maybe the whole "Bill BUrg clan " as well ought not vote, as long as they are smart enough to vote democrat!

Hire a bunch more government workers, make up a bunch of votes ... whatever. It is all just great as long as the net result is more Democrats! Oh, and the fact that ACORN was willing to help prostitute underage girls? No issue! At least they weren't evil like Karl Rove!!!

Plouffe’s main goal, though, is to focus on turning out the 15 million people who voted for the first time in 2008—an effort that Democrats believe could wind up affecting the outcome of many of this year’s 70-odd contested races. After the 2008 election, the Obama field operation, Obama for America, was renamed Organizing for America and folded into the DNC. All of its electoral assets—the 13 million–name e-mail list, the hundreds of thousands of volunteers and “community organizers,” the precision Internet tools—came along with it. Now Plouffe & Co. plan to bring those resources to bear on getting 2008’s newbies back to the polls.

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