Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oil vs Snake Oil

RealClearPolitics - Oil vs. Snake Oil
Let's stop and think. Either the government knows how to stop the oil spill or they don't. If they know how to stop it, then why have they let thousands of barrels of oil per day keep gushing out, for weeks on end? All they have to do is tell BP to step aside, while the government comes in to do it right.

If they don't know, then what is all this political grandstanding about keeping their boot on the neck of BP, the attorney general of the United States going down to the Gulf to threaten lawsuits - on what charges was unspecified - and President Obama showing up in his shirt sleeves?

He left out "kicking asses". I think we all know the answer to that one. Political grandstanding is all the BO administration knows how to do. This administration is worse than incompetent. Incompetence is about doing the right thing badly. This administration has no clue what a "right thing" would be, because the only talent they have is essentially BO Brand Marketing.

A rather sobering conclusion.

If leaders of other nations can't depend on the United States, then they need to make the best deal they can with our enemies. They understand that preserving their nation's security is a leader's top priority, even if Barack Obama doesn't.

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