Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rahmbo PR

Rahm Emanuel says Tony Hayward Yacht trip big mistake

Rahm thinks it is a big mistake for the CEO of BP to go yachting, but hasn't had a single qualm about BO doing 6+ golf outings, hosting an evening with Paul McCartney, and a few other items during "the crisis".

Personally, I don't believe any leader can do their best work without any sort of diversion at all, and what is extremely unusual, I find that to be true for Presidents of both parties, CEOs, and even Indian Chiefs. I'm a lot less concerned that BO wants to golf than that his chief of staff would think that BO with "the biggest job" could with impunity, yet deny the same privilege to a poor little CEO.

We used to live in a country where individuals pretty much understood some basic principles and applied them to people of all stripes equally (we had a big problem with Indians and slaves of course, but this post isn't about that issue).

We now live in a society where the bulk of the media treats Republicans and Business leaders one way and Democrats another, and by the way, when another branch of the media (Fox) reverses the treatment, it is considered "dangerous".

The way out of this is to realize that EVERYONE'S motives and even approaches are flawed, but there is a reasonable chance that they are not all flawed equally. Our MSM and Democrats will never tire of pointing out the flaws in individual freedom, responsibility, and the capitalist system. While there certainly are flaws, the flaws in centralized, bureaucratic welfare states are much much greater.

Pointing out that the person next to you has gravy on their tie will not allow folks at the party to miss the fact that you failed to wear your pants, and the idea that a crony like Rahm can get away with something so stupid as being able to point his finger at the CEO of BP, while BO claims to have responsibility for taking care of this spill, yet keeps golfing and partying is just another sign of the danger of one party rule, especially when that party is the Democrats and their buddies the media!

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