Monday, June 14, 2010

Rejecting Their Own

RealClearPolitics - Politics - Jun 14, 2010 - SC candidate protests primary loss to mystery Dem

Unemployed dishonorable discharge vet with no job and some sort of charge of showing some porn to a college co-ed and being in the woman's dorm. This is sort of like James Carvelle talking about "troll fifty bucks through a trailer park and who knows what you will dredge up".

Just who is a Democrat anyway? Slick Willie certainly did plenty of "trolling" whenever he had the chance. The Dems were so excited about Kerry managing to get out with an honorable discharge and only doing a little anti-war protesting -- what the heck, this guy served. For a Democrat, serving and getting a dishonorable would seem to be just fine. Well, fine for a Democrat -- McCain was a gods honest war hero, but they liked to make fun of the fact he can't raise his arms anymore after their friends the N Vietnamese busted up his shoulders and arms too many times. Worth a chortle if you are a Dem I guess -- of course questioning Kerry's 3 purple hearts with no hospitalization was completely reprehensible for Republicans to do. We are just nasty I guess.

I don't get it ... he sounds like a classic Democrat; wins by a landslide, and they are ticked that he COULD come up with the filing fee? $10K sounds a bit exorbitant to me, and I'm a fat cat Republican. I'd think you could get into a Democrat primary with some decent weed or some malt liquor. Since when don't Democrats think it is a "right" to run for office? My god everything else from college to houses you can't afford to shrinks to high speed internet is a "right", how can it possibly be that their primaries are so exclusive that you need $10k to run in them???

So he is a "plant"? I'm thinking that Democrat voters might just be smart enough to know that "political experience is bad" this year --- they may want to look closer, I wouldn't be all that surprised if this guy could beat DeMint as well this year!!

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