Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Telling Stories

Op-Ed Columnist - A Storyteller Loses the Story Line -

No matter how much the MSM tries to mythologize their chosen lefties and slay those horrible righties, reality is both more and less than a story. Maureen is right, to HUMANs, it's a story -- but then we have a VERY limited context compared to reality in both time and scope. Reality is also more than physics or psychology -- not everything is the result of something else, let alone somehow "proportional", nor is every human action the result of some "motivation". Chaos and quantum uncertainly exist, nature just tells us: "Deal With It".
It’s impossible not to feel sorry for President Obama, pummeled by the cascading disasters, at home and abroad, unleashed by two war-mongering oil men — plus scary escalations by Israel, Iran and North Korea.
It's impossible not to feel sorry for BO? What kind of job did he really think the presidency was going to be? Was he unaware of the job difficulties?  How about W? Was it "impossible to not feel sorry for him?" Unless Maureen is a "truther", one would think that 9-11 might have been at least a mild negative surprise for Bush.

Maureen was one of those heavily cheerleading and raising expectations for "the one". Why could we not have had a "rational election" -- not based on the demonization of Republicans or the deification  of BO? While the demonization continues on for folks like Maureen, she has suddenly realized that BO is not only a deity, he may not be much of a leader or person, let alone a quality President. Maybe we ought to be a bit more careful in our national narratives.

Did she REALLY read "Dreams of My Father" which, if it had a conclusion at all, concluded that BO's heart was that of an African Luo. Certainly fine with me -- we have had other US Presidents that were proud of their ethnicity (Reagan and Kennedy being fairly recent examples), but while his book is very clear and direct on how he finds himself in Africa, there really isn't much at all on how tribalism and the American Presidency are likely to be a good mix.

At least the loony left is starting to realize that BO isn't god. I guess we really are so far gone that one has to take that as progress!

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