Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Very Close To Malaise

Op-Ed Columnist - Our Epic Foolishness -

It’s fast, cheap and easy. It’s something that all Americans, young and old, can be asked to participate in immediately. In that sense, it’s a way of combating the pervasive feelings of helplessness that have become so demoralizing and so destructive to our long-term interests.

"It" is more conservation -- you know, put on a sweater (or take one off, it's summer) turn off your AC, turn your heat off in the winter. Walk, ride a bike -- those are the things to break you out of those "pervasive feelings of helplessness". While you are doing that, I'm sure Bob Herbet will cut down on jet trips, limos, newsprint and no doubt a lot of other things. Liberals are SO consistent when it comes to practicing what they preach!

My my, not even two years after the coronation of BO, and these folks are in a sullen mood!

Wonder what the odds of BO being attacked by a rabbit are??

Why is it as predictable as the sunrise that when liberals actually get in charge of government they become almost immediately despondent about how hard it is, how many problems there are, and how there REALLY ought to be more "bottoms up" national brilliance so that the leaders that they espoused as the answer to everything from war, global warming and bad breath didn't have to work so hard!! Ought there not be a rule that they can just "say what ought to happen" and some folks of the right ought to "make it so"?? Seems like a reasonable approach!

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