Saturday, July 10, 2010

BO Picks Fear Over Hope

Mark McKinnon: Obama’s New Politics of Fear - The Daily Beast

I find the Breast to be slightly left of the standard MSM, not as far over as HuffPo. I must say that left folks that are willing to stand up and admit that the Democrat and BO tactics are at best only as bad as the worst of Republican tactics is something that deserves strong applause. The ONLY way we cut the current disaster shorter than DECADES is to figure out that BOTH political partys are ROTTEN with "progressive / statist vermin, and it is CRITICAL that we clean out BOTH partys and agree on some AMERICAN principles -- the Constitution as WRITTEN, Individual life, liberty and the PURSUIT (not the gaurantee) of Happiness ... one CITIZEN, one vote ...

Begala recognizes there ain't much water left in the "hope" well, so the plan is to poison what's left.  ‘Cause the numbers don’t look so good.

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