Monday, September 06, 2010

Bring Back the Unions

RealClearPolitics - On Missing "Big Labor":

Dionne lefts his socialism way out of the bag on this one including praise not just for big labor, but for Eugene Debs. If all there was to wealth was "spreading it around", and it was never created or lost but just "was", then I suppose we could spend our time just distributing it. As it is, it is more like "beer", and if you just focus on distributing it, there will soon be none to drink!

Please Please take note that the primary home for unions today is with public workers where the profit motive isn't operative and all they need do is fleece taxpayers for ever more. That is why their current average wages and benefits are DOUBLE those that are paying for them! (roughly $60K vs $120K)

"A movement historically associated with the brawny workers in auto, steel, rubber, construction, rail, and the ports now represents more employees in the public sector (7.9 million) than in the private sector (7.4 million)."

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