Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Iraq Through the Looking Glass

Iraq Through the Looking Glass - The Corner - National Review Online

He covers a lot of my thinking with some different text, but the thesis is the same.

1). BO can't possibly take legitimate credit for Iraq. He was against the surge (as were Biden and Hillary), the withdrawal agreement was done by Bush/Petrayus, he just honored it. (which, given Gitmo, "open government", campaign finance, and a ton of other things, is pretty amazing).

2). It is REALLY disingenuous to take credit for Iraq when he opposed to the surge, but blame Bush for the economy when the Democrats took over both houses of congress in '07 -- and managed to defeat Bush's requests for ending sub-prime since '01, something like 13 times. Bush bears responsibility for the surge (it worked), at BEST, as a very politically weak lame duck, economic responsibility during the last two years of his term would be "shared". BO himself was in the congress that had significant responsibility for the economy.

If Democrats don't believe that control of congress is important, why don't they just cede control to Republicans without a fight? If it IS important, then how can they not accept significant blame for what happened to the economy after they took over in '07?

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