Thursday, September 09, 2010

Let's Burn the Mosque

Obama: Quran-burning plan is 'recruitment bonanza for al Qaeda' -

How DOES the mind of BO operate? On the Mosque issue, he is a "constitutional defender" -- well, of COURSE they have a legal right to build a Mosque, but DO YOU SUPPORT IT???  Which of course, he really does, but he sorta backpedaled on the "wisdom of it". The Victory Mosque will be an excellent recruiting tool for al Qaeda ... they don't have any other Victory Mosques at Ground Zero, and it will give explicit proof that they are winning and we are rubes.

Might some Islamic nuts put quaran burning by some hick in FL on their "hit parade"? Sure, but it isn't like they don't have THOUSANDS of grievances against us infidels anyway ... Israel, Democracy, loaning money for interest, allowing gays to live (uh, marry? I'm not sure they can even fathom that one), letting women vote and show their faces, US forces anywhere on "Muslim soil", made up things like US soliders flushing the Quran at Gitmo (Note, the MSM nor Democrats were hardly concerned at all about that hoax potentially killing US soliders. It made Gitmo look bad, which made W look bad -- WIN! ...  no matter how many soliders may have died over the supposed "added anger") ... we could go on and on ad nauseum. They are going to hate us until we praise allah and are under sharia law! GET USED TO IT!!!

The only thing that makes sense here is that to a liberal, consistency is NOT an issue!

Some other points:

  • Must both the MSM and BO be such complete idiots and give this guy publicity? He has a congregation of FIFTY PEOPLE!!! Helllloooooo ... there is ZERO reason to make this an international issue!!!
  • BTW, our media CLEARLY knows how to ignore things ... palestinian kids laughing and singing in the streets after 9-11, IGNORED. many many things in BOs first book ... IGNORED! All sorts of crap about "Community Organizers" ... IGNORED ... the list could go to PAGES.
  • My God, BO is supposed to be PRESIDENT of the most powerful nation on earth. Doesn't SOME little buzzer go off in his supposedly brilliant little brain when he is commenting on what some nut with a congregation of FIFTY!!! people MIGHT do???? A first line manager at most tiny companies would be at least 2x that smart or they would ge GONE!

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