Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Liberal Help for BO

RealClearPolitics - Obama's Shrinking Presidency

One of the bad parts of being a liberal politician is that you have to rely on liberals for your support. Since liberals possess no underlying principles, and don't believe in the personal responsibility of anyone (except maybe rich Republicans), "liberal support" is something that I suspect makes the recipient shake their head as much as to be happy he has their "support" -- such as it is.

First of all, very little, if anything is ACTUALLY wrong -- the basic problem is that standard problem of "the stupid American". What is so disheartening is that Americans were absolutely BRILLIANT less than 24 months ago, but stupidity has set in yet again. Why? Well mostly the same old bugaboos -- stupid stupid rumors, innuendo, all that bad stuff. Like "W didn't fly when he should have, we have PROOF!" ... "W is a coke addict, and Laura sold the stuff in college", "Reagan is a complete dunce that is running the country based on astrology tables and sleeping in meetings" -- you know, that BAD STUFF, that only ever happens to Democrats because Fox news and talk radio just ignore the facts like the MSM never would! The MSM is always "fair and balanced", so you would never hear "bad stuff" about a Republican president.

Oh, yes, were you aware that both Ronnie and W were so stupid that it was hard to even measure how stupid they were? Yes, it is absolutely true, but somehow, through hook, crook and just blatant luck, they got just absolutely BRILLIANT handlers to somehow make them look way way better than they were -- even though the 20% or so truly smart Americans could still see their stupidity.

What is really really odd though is that guys like Carter and BO, and Slick Willie in his first two years, even though they are certifiable geniuses which is completely plain to all, they somehow manage to surround themselves with dunces that are almost as stupid and incompetent as republican presidents! It is a gigantic mystery how this happens, but it makes these brilliant democrat presidents come off as somehow lackluster when the opposite is true. Yes, they are victims, just like the rest of us!

You can read the whole piece, but I've summarized it faithfully -- it is just plain a sad state of affairs that is very very hard to fathom.

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  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    He's really digging to make excuses...er, point out isses that have victimized BO