Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Night in America vs Morning in America

Gwyn: Obama too smart, too black for declining America - thestar.com

To the left, it is night in America, the final night of darkness and death--as opposed to Reagan "Morning in America". It happens whenever the left takes over. They "discover" that "we" are a racist, ungovernable basket-case of a nation that is so far past it's prime that the situation is hopeless. All that is remains is endless decline.

 That is indeed true as long as the left remains in power, but to date the American people have always been exceptional enough to decide that as long as they still have freedom, they can throw off the chains of the sour left elite and bask in the sunlight of yet another daybreak for freedom, individual responsibility and the real chance to excel as people and as a nation!!

What is more "conceited" -- to believe that your nation with the help of God can achieve great things, or to believe that your own intellectual capacity is sufficient to consign a nation of 300 million people with an exceptional 200 year history to perpetual decline?
America’s conceit of “exceptionalism,” or of being better than anyone else and fundamentally different from all other societies and countries, can no longer be sustained. It’s exhausted its quota, a very large one indeed, of bright, confident mornings.

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