Wednesday, September 22, 2010

O'Donnell sidesteps specifics on funds, says 'no truth' to allegations -

O'Donnell sidesteps specifics on funds, says 'no truth' to allegations -

Nice to see how much focus a Senate Candidate in Delaware can get. BO ran for um, I think it was "President of the US" ... or some other formerly great nation, broke every campaign contribution and spending rule in existence (didn't even keep required books on a lot of it), came out of Chicago, the most corrupt political environment in the US (except maybe DC). No need for any "investigations" there.

He writes a book that casts aspersions on him being a Black Supremacist (get rid of "white blood"), declares that "his people" are the Luo tribe in Africa, and only comes on as emotionally alive in his writing when talking about Africa. Oh, and BTW, he touches a bit on the "magic" of the people / blood / ways that is very pagan, which is pretty much identical to Wicca (earth / nature worship) ... ooooh, wouldn't THAT be a good story???

Any reason to cover that in the MSM? Nope ... all one has to do is pick up his book and quote it. Tough reporting, or simply FILE SOMETHING on the biggest and most corrupt fundraiser in US history. See any articles like the above on BO? Nope ... no story there, but a Senate candidate from DelaWHERE???

Oh, that's right, our media is unbiased!! I keep forgetting that!

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  1. they are freaked she won and the media (and establishment for that matter) don't know what to do about it. So, the media does what it does best...smears that which endangers their gifted ones.